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Keiser COM3131 Final Exam 2018

Question 1
Effective coaches need to:
focus most on the coaching philosophy.
focus on the personality of the people involved.
manipulate coaching sessions to their advantage.
attend to both human and business needs.
Question 2
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When John lectures employees about what he thinks they should do, they become defensive and tune out his feedback. To avoid such reactions, John's feedback needs to be:
Question 3
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_____ are leaders who focus their energy on helping others improve their performance and achieve goals.
Limited partners
Question 4
Which of the following is an objective of counseling
To gain positive work outcomes
To obtain a willingness to change
To enhance relationships
To reinforce positive behaviors and correct negative behaviors
Question 5
Effective feedback should be:
Question 6
What is the role of a team leader or a team member at the norming stage of team development
To encourage team members to take on more responsibility and work together to create means acceptable for solving problems
To encourage the team members to debrief the project
To encourage the group to establish its mission and purpose, set up a work schedule, and establish some initial norms for working together
To encourage the members to preserve formality and treat the other members as strangers
Question 7
At the adjourning stage of team development, the team members are most likely to:
preserve formality and treat the other members as strangers.
work toward establishing communication channels.
engage in constructive self-change for the good of the group.
disband permanently or take a temporary break.
Question 8
In the _____ stage of team development, teams are at a position in which they have worked through their differences, their membership is stable, the task is clear, and eyes are on the prize.
Question 9
Which of the following is an ineffective practice during a negotiation process
Bargaining by focusing on positions rather than interests
Starting the negotiation with a relationship-based tone rather than on an adversarial note
Concentrating on problems rather than people when bargaining
Exploring all possibilities for solutions rather than quickly focusing on one fixed solution
Question 10
Wilson, a sales representative at a health club, tried selling a $700 membership plan to one of the club's most loyal customers. The customer agreed to purchase the plan at a lesser price of $500. Keeping in mind that the relationship with the customer was important, Wilson agreed to sell it for $650 along with some additional free services.Which of the following negotiation approaches does this scenario best illustrate
Integrative bargaining
Distributive bargaining
Question 11
In a negotiation with a vendor, Paul senses that the representative of the vendor might be exaggerating his claim about a product. Which of the following would be the least effective way for Paul to respond to such behavior
Make personal attacks or demean the other party to inhibit confidence
Ask direct questions to reveal the truth or missing information
Inform the vendor's representative that such behaviors will not be tolerated
Request a different vendor representative with whom the negotiations could be continued
Question 12
Since Carl is majoring in accounting, he decides to meet his mother's friend who works for a prestigious accounting firm to take her advice on careers in the accounting field. Carl is learning about his career opportunities through a(n):
appraisal meeting.
feedback meeting.
information interview.
clarification interview.
Question 13
Which of the following can adversely affect a person's ability to network
Having difficulty in asking others for help
Aiming to reach personal goals with help from others
Sharing sensitive or competitive information
Being an extrovert and sharing competitive information
Question 14
0 out of 2 points
In order to make mentoring relationships work, protégés must:
make mentoring a two-way street.
avoid reassessing and altering their network.
refrain from revealing goals and ambitions.
stick to the advice of a single mentor rather than seeking multiple mentors.
Question 15
0 out of 2 points
As a new college graduate, Peter needs to develop contacts to ensure that his goal of having his own consulting company becomes a reality in the future. Which of the following actions should Peter take to develop and maintain his network
He should refrain from sharing sensitive or competitive information.
He must avoid analyzing every situation for possibilities.
He must keep his ambitions and goals under wraps.
He must nurture relationships with individuals in the profession.
Question 16
A(n) _____ is an effective technique for finding the right job or career by enquiring people about their own careers and jobs.
problem-solving meeting
information interview
feedback meeting
clarification interview
Question 17
Walter is aware that he needs a job which provides a high percentage of performance incentives as financial rewards that will drive him to work hard at his job. Which of the following components of behavior is Walter primarily aware of in this scenario
Modes of acting
Modes of interacting
Question 18
Rosa's co-workers have often complained that it is difficult to work with her. This is mainly because Rosa is highly rigid in nature and intolerant toward others' opinions and ideas. In the context of the Big Five personality model, which of the following does Rosa best illustrate
High openness
High conscientiousness
Low agreeableness
Low uncertainty avoidance
Question 19
_____ is best described as the act of sharing your thoughts, feelings, and ideas with others without self-deception, without distortion.
Question 20
To be an effective leader, Kyle, a project manager, must:
keep himself detached from the group he leads.
dictate direction.
avoid challenging the rules.
find ways to reward individuals and groups.
Question 21
A Theory X manager:
is perfect for an empowerment approach.
holds the belief that employees enjoy work.
holds the belief that subordinates shirk responsibility.
is comfortable with higher levels of employee involvement.
Question 22
0 out of 2 points
Which of the following helps to facilitate an empowered environment
High role ambiguity
Narrow span of control
Sociopolitical support
"Top-down" approach of management
Question 23
Which of the following is true of effective delegation
Communication and delegation go hand in hand.
Effective delegation begins with an authoritative and autocratic environment.
One-way communication is essential for effective delegation.
Delegation of work is possible only in the production line approach.
Question 24
0 out of 2 points
Identify the social structural characteristic that helps in creating an empowering environment through decentralization, allowing greater contribution to overall operation, and avoiding micromanagement.
Low role ambiguity
Wide span of control
High role ambiguity
Hierarchical structure
Question 25
Steve has been given the charge of managing unskilled labor in the production units of his company. These workers are primarily motivated by financial incentives, and other perks such as discount coupons and free movie or lunch days. In this scenario, which of the following power bases should Steve primarily use to influence the workers' to improve their productivity
Referent power
Expert power
Reward power
Information power
Question 26
When a manager has coercive power, his subordinates comply with his orders primarily because they:
want to avoid punishment.
like the qualities of the manager.
respect the manager's knowledge and skills.
want to emulate what the manager represents.
Question 27
For which of the following power bases, do employees primarily comply because they like, believe in, or want to emulate the person in power and what he or she represents
Legitimate power
Expert power
Referent power
Reward power
Question 28
Bioleap Inc. had been experiencing a decline in its stock value. The CEO of the company called a meeting of the shareholders to address this issue. The CEO explained how her husband had started this company with less than $1000, and how he had always been driven by the need to innovate. Thus, she requested the shareholders to support the management's decision to retain the company's earnings to reinvest in research and development. Which of the following politicking strategies does this scenario best illustrate
Inspirational appeal
Question 29
Nancy told her team members that they could leave early for Christmas vacation if they met the sales target on time. In doing so, Nancy is primarily relying on the _____ power base to motivate her team members.
Question 30
In the context of anticipatory fear, _____ is a preoccupation with an anticipated threat.
Question 31
Which of the following statements is true of the different types of stress
Distress presents an opportunity for personal growth.
Eustress is negative in nature.
Distress cannot have debilitating effects.
Eustress pushes people to higher performance.
Question 32
Which of the following statements is true of gender-based differences in communication styles
Women are perceived to be very clear when giving instructions.
Men use communication to assert their status and request action.
Men tend to be indirect, vague, and apologetic when they speak.
Women tend to use direct, succinct language.
Question 33
Which of the following is a way of building relationships with diverse others
Avoiding sharing information about oneself
Forming an opinion about others based on their accent
Seeking opportunities to interact with a wide variety of peers
Making derogatory comments about particular groups
Question 34
Which of the following descriptions of the individual is an example of a primary dimension of diversity
David has above average intelligence.
David is a Christian.
David is a senior marketing manager.
David has military experience.
Question 35
_____ is best described as a process by which several possibilities are considered and prioritized, resulting in a clear choice of one option over others.
Decision making
Pattern recognition
Question 36
Wood Tales Inc., a furniture company, was facing declining sales. In a brainstorming session, the company's product development team was asked to think about how a chair would be used from the perspective of four-year olds. After several creative ideas, the team came up with the idea that a chair could be used as a ladder, a table, or a shoe rack if it could be dismantled and rearranged. Hence, the company was able to commercialize its multi-purpose chair. This method of seeking novel alternatives to a problem is referred to as _____.
convergent thinking
divergent thinking
reflective thinking
parallel thinking
Question 37
_____, is best described as an approach to creative problem solving that requires starting with a problem and working to move toward a solution.
Divergent thinking
Lateral thinking
Parallel thinking
Convergent thinking
Question 38
Supplies Plus Inc. is the most trusted supplier of component parts in the automobile industry. Irrespective of the situation, the company has been persistently delivering its products to its customers before the specified delivery date, at the promised price, and without compromising on the quality. Which of the following elements of trust has primarily helped Supplies Plus earn the reputation of the most trusted supplier
Question 39
Sandra's husband knows that Sandra fidgets with her hair when stressed. However, Sandra is unaware of her body language during such situations. With regard to Sandra's self-awareness, which section of the Johari Window does this scenario best illustrate Answers:
The unknown area
The open area
The blind area
The hidden area
Question 40
Mike intentionally left out the details regarding the actual costs associated with a project so that he can get the project approved by his manager. Mike's misrepresentation illustrates _____, a barrier to effective communication.
information overload
message incongruency
Question 41
The intentional manipulation of information to make it more favorable to the receiver is known as _____.
Question 42
Sally has recently joined a multimedia firm; and her manager, Ellen, has asked her to develop an advertising campaign for a client. Ellen considers Sally to be inexperienced and constantly questions Sally's suggestions for the campaign. At times, she rejects Sally's proposals even without hearing her out. This barrier of communication between Sally and Ellen is most likely a result of:
lack of time.
lack of credibility.
information overload.
Question 43
Which of the following is a barrier to effective nonverbal communication
Layout of the space or room, lighting, color scheme, noise, and decorations where communication is taking place
Awareness of cultural differences when analyzing how chronemics plays out in communication
Use of space in communicating with others
Reliance on constant use of mobile devices during a conversation
Question 44
Harry is setting up his new office. He wants to make sure that the arrangement of his desk and chairs sends out an egalitarian message to the others in his office. For this to happen, he should:
arrange the chairs around his desk.
place the chairs on the other side of his desk, facing him.
place the chairs quite far from his desk, facing him.
make sure he is seated with his back to the door.
Question 45
Paraverbal communication cues include:
voice volume.
facial expressions.
eye contact.
postural change.
Question 46
In case of a conflict, a third party should typically be brought in for mediation if:
Answers: the issues are less consequential or problematic than at first believed.
the issues could be better dealt with via the reinforcement technique of "extinction."
there are multiple satisfactory solutions.
one of the parties seems to be stubbornly refusing to compromise.
Question 47
_____, as a conflict management strategy, is the political equivalent of "win some, lose some" and is possible in a long-term relationship where there is time for give-and-take exchange.
Question 48
Competing, as a conflict management strategy, is appropriate when:
an action that is vital to an organization's welfare has to be taken.
a solution that satisfies the objectives of all the involved parties is desired.
it is important to maintain the relationships involved.
there is plenty of time for finding an integrative solution.
Question 49
Amanda wants to improve her overall health and well-being. In order to meet her objective, she begins by writing down some goal statements. In this case, which of the following statements should be used by Amanda for effective goal setting
"I would like to be in better shape in a month's time."
"I would like to lose 10 pounds in a week's time."
"I would like to be in a better shape by exercising often and lowering my cholesterol levels."
"I would like to lose 10 pounds in two months by lowering my cholesterol by 20 points and exercising regularly."
Question 50
According to the SMART goal system, "A" stands for _____.

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