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Strayer MGT 510 Final Exam

1. A multidomestic company gives strategic priority to
a. Providing a low cost product to local customers.
b. Adapting a product or service to local needs.
c. Having multiple locations for sources its raw materials.
d. Controlling the strategic options of local companies
2. A company pursuing a regional strategy
a. Has worldwide products and a worldwide value chain.
b. Sells the same product using only minor modification in marketing and product offerings.
c. Is similar to a company pursuing an international strategy.
d. Attempt to gain location advantages of more global transnational combined with some of the local-adaptation advantages of the multidomestic company.
3. Which strategy attempts to balance advantages from three other multinational strategies
a. Regional
b. Multidomestic
c. Transnational
d. International
4. Entry-mode strategies
a. Include multidomestic and transnational strategies.
b. Are options multinationals have to enter foreign markets and countries.
c. Are only processes by which firms fill overseas orders like domestic orders.
d. None of the above
5. When multinationals make a project fully operational and train local managers and workers before the owner takes control, they are using which entry-mode strategy
a. Licensing
b. Franchising
c. Turnkey
d. Direct export
6. The structure adopted by companies in the early stage of internationalization is usually
a. Replica.
b. Network.
c. Export department.
d. Transnational subsidiary.
7. Which of the following are considered to be the structural building blocks for running a multinational
a. International division
b. Metanational
c. Mini replica
d. Foreign subsidiaries
8. All of the following statements are true about product structures EXCEPT
a. The product structure is the most efficient of all structures.
b. Product organizations must still perform some functional tasks of a business.
c. The structure builds a department or subunit around a product .
d. Managers choose product structures when they believe that a product or a group of products is sufficiently unique to require focused efforts on one type of product or service.
9. Subunits of a multinational company located in other countries than the parent companys headquarters is known as
a. Functional divisions.
b. Foreign functional divisions.
c. Foreign subsidiaries.
d. International minireplica.
10. The psychological identification with a relationship in a strategic alliance and the pride of association with the partner and the alliance is known as
a. Calculative commitment.
b. Credibility trust.
c. Benevolent trust.
d. Attitudinal commitment.
11. The best method of assessing strategic alliance performance is
a. Total sales revenue.
b. ROI.
c. ROA.
d. There is no one best method.
12. In operations alliances, multinational companies
a. Use research and development to merge different technical skills.
b. Share the risk of developing new or costly technology.
c. Gain access to new markets.
d. Combine manufacturing to reach a profitable volume of activity.
13. In operations alliances, multinational companies
a. Use research and development to merge different technical skills.
b. Share the risk of developing new or costly technology.
c. Gain access to new markets.
d. Combine manufacturing to reach a profitable volume of activity.
14. A new trend is that multinationals are using _______________ to their advantage.
a. Tall hierarchical web structures
b. Tacit knowledge
c. User Generated Content
d. None of the above
15. The growth of the Internet economy
a. has been in line with the overall GDP.
b. was great for a while and fueled the dot.com bubble of the past but has since declined.
c. is so dramatic it is difficult to estimate.
d. experiences perpetual peaks and valley and is thus unstable.
16. Which of the following services is not provided by e-commerce enablers
a. Services and software that translate Websites
b. Software that calculate shipping, value-added, and duties
c. Receiving customers purchased goods and storing, packaging, and shipping to the customer
d. Training programs to understand the local culture
17. Which of the following is NOT one of the major threats to e-commerce globalization
a. Cost of site construction, maintenance and upgrades
b. Cost of training in top managers in computer programming
c. Easily copied e-commerce models
d. Traditional cross-border transaction and other cross-cultural complexities
18. Traditional internet metrics do not quantify the use of new internet devices and features, including:
a. Smart phones.
b. Cloud-computing.
c. Social networking.
d. All of the above.
19. Which is correct regarding home country vs. host country
Home country is where the firm's headquarters is located and the host country is where an employee from the home country or other country is working.
20. International Human Resource Management
a. Is no different from domestic HRM.
b. Is the application of HRM to international settings.
c. Is the orientation to hiring international employees.
d. Is the selection and compensation of expatriates.
21. Home country nationals are
a. Workers who come from the host-country where the unit is located.
b. Foreign workers who work in a country where the parent company is located.
c. Workers who come from neither the host nor the host-country.
d. None of the above
22. Evidence on training for international assignments suggests
a. Cross-cultural training reduces expatriate failure rates.
b. Cross-cultural training makes people feel more comfortable but there are no bottom line effects on performance.
c. US firms invest the most in this activity.
d. It only beneficial for long term assignments.
23. Which phase of the negotiation process consists of an evaluation of the success of the completed negotiation
a. The post relationship building phase
b. The agreement phase
c. The post agreement phase
d. The performance feedback phase
24. Olfactics
a. Is the use of smells as a means of nonverbal communication.
b. Refers to communication through eye contact or gazing.
c. Communication through the use of space.
d. Communication through body contact
25. In the _____ stage, each side in the negotiation attempts to get the other side to agree to its position.
a. Exchanging Information and the First Offer
b. Building the relationship
c. Persuasion
d. Concession
26. The prevailing view of the contract by the Chinese and Japanese is all of the following EXCEPT
The Japanese prefer to avoid general principles and to specify detailed rules and obligations.
27. Hygiene factors include
a. The size of desks and color of offices.
b. Interesting tasks in the job.
c. Challenges in the job.
d. All of the above
28. Esteem needs refer to
a. Basic survival needs such as food, water and shelter.
b. Safety and avoidance of pain and life-threatening situations.
c. Being loved and having friendship.
d. Focus on respect and feelings of self-worth.
29. Conclusions from the World Values Survey and the European Values Survey on functions of work reveal that
a. People across the world assign the same degree of importance to work functions.
b. People across the world rate income as the most important work function.
c. People from different nations do not assign the same magnitude of importance to work functions.
d. Workers saw the most important function of work as providing contact with other people.
30. Expectancy theory proposes that
a. Motivation is solely determined by the satisfaction of needs.
b. Motivation is determined by the workers' perceptions of fairness at work.
c. Motivation is a result of an individual's preferences and belief that his/her effort will lead to some valued results.
d. Motivation is a purely automatic process.

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