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POLI 330N Final Exam 1- Question with Answers

POLI 330N Final Exam 1- Question with Answers
1. (TCO 1) The question of whether people can exercise power yet remain true to their principles is referred to as
2. (TCO 1) In the changing world of television media, what has suffered most?
3. (TCO 1) Which of the following most significantly accelerated the “values divide” between liberals and conservatives?
4. (TCO 1) What is the most popular form of media worldwide today?
5. (TCO 1) What government agency promotes and preserves media competition in the United States?
6. (TCO 1) Which former totalitarian system currently features a hybrid known as “state capitalism”?
7. (TCO 5) What makes Britain a model of what Aristotle called a mixed regime?
8. (TCO 5) The U.S. Congress and British Parliament both have all of these powers in common EXCEPT the ability to
9. (TCO 5) What element of the Israeli and British parliamentary systems distinguishes them from most other parliamentary democracies?
10. (TCO 2) What is the most basic — but often most challenging — aspect of nation-building?
11. To join the European Union, what must a country prove?
12. (TCO 3) What is a major criticism of the winner-take-all electoral system?
13. (TCO 4) Which statement about health care in the United States is FALSE?
14. (TCO 3) What event ended — albeit briefly — the long-term trend of political apathy in the U.S.?
15. (TCO 4) What did the Civil Rights Cases of 1883 accomplish?
16. (TCO 4) What protects citizens in the U.S. against the abuse of police power?
17. (TCO 3) According to the delegate theory of representation,
18. (TCO 6) In The Republic, what common theme is explored throughout Socrates’ text?
19. (TCO 6) What term does Walden Two use to describe good health, a minimum of unpleasant labor, and a chance to exercise your talents and true leisure?
20. (TCO 8) The Monroe Doctrine is an example of what type of foreign policy?
21. (TCO 8) What do we call the policy of the United States to support free peoples who are resisting attempted subjugation by armed minorities or by outside pressures?
22. (TCO 9) Hobbes linked the cause of war to all of these aspects of human nature EXCEPT
23. (TCO 9) What form of government is most vulnerable to terrorism?
24. (TCO 9) Which of the following played only a minor role in the major wars of the twentieth century?
25. (TCO 8) Who argued that “a prudent ruler recognizes what must be done to protect and enlarge his dominions and does not allow moral qualms to cloud his judgment?”
26. (TCO 9) What did Locke think would bring an end to human conflict and war in society?
27. (TCO 9) What is a characteristic of most terrorist groups? poli 330n final exam
28. (TCO 2) Describe a region of the world that has been successful in moving from a dictatorship to a democracy. In your description, explain the various components making this transition successful.
29. (TCO 7) Assess at least two economic problems the United States faces today. In the assessment, explain the economic issues and what a conservative and modern liberal administration would most likely do to mitigate the problem.

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