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TEAS Study Guide Final Exam- Summer 2020 / TEAS STUDY GUIDE: FINAL (worth 150 points)

TEAS Study Guide Final Exam- Summer 2020

*the final will consist of approximately 150 points of new material
but also 50 points cumulative which is not on this study guide.


Define taxonomy, phylogeny and species.
Describe the defining characteristics of the three domains.
Describe the four kingdoms of the domain Eukarya.

Briefly explain the following in Microbial identification:

Give a description of the domain bacteria.

Chapter 11- We will skip but it served as a review of terms from the semester such as:

Chapters 12, 13
1. Describe the types of fungal diseases.
2. Briefly describe protozoa and give an example of a disease.
3. Define helminth. Give an example of a disease.
4. Define virus.
5. Explain the steps in the multiplication of a virus.
6. Briefly explain how viruses are cultured in a laboratory.
7. Describe methods for viral identification.
8. Differentiate between latent and persistent viral infection.
9. Define prion and give an example of a disease.

Chapter 14&15
IN ADDITION- Be able to match the diseases to a brief description.

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