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NURS -6521N Review Test Submission: Exam - Week 6 / NURS-6512N-1/NURS-6512D-1/NURS-6512C-1-Advanced Health Assessment2020 Spring Qtr 02/24-05/17-PT27 Attempt Score 88 out of 100 points.

NURS -6521N Review Test Submission: Exam - Week 6 Course NURS-6512N-1/NURS-6512D-1/NURS-6512C-1-Advanced Health Assessment2020 Spring Qtr 02/24-05/17-PT27 Attempt Score 88 out of 100 points • Question 1 Unusual white areas on the skin may be due to: • Question 2 Mrs. Leonard brings her newborn infant into the pediatrician's office for a first well-baby visit. As the health care provider, you teach her that newborns are more vulnerable to hypothermia due to: • Question 3 Your patient is complaining of acute, intense sharp epigastric pain that radiates to the back and left scapula with nausea and vomiting. Based on this history, your prioritized physical examination should be to: • Question 4 Mr. Abdul is a 40-year-old Middle Eastern man who presents to the office for a first visit with the complaint of new abdominal pain. You are concerned about violating a cultural prohibition when you prepare to do his rectal examination. The best tactic would be to: • Question 5 In counseling a client regarding nutrition education, you explain that linoleic acid, a major fatty acid, is thought to be essential for: • Question 6 Mrs. Britton brings her 16-year-old son in with a complaint that he is not developing correctly into adolescence. Which structures disproportionately enlarge in the male during adolescence? • Question 7 Ms. Otten is a 45-year-old patient who presents with a complaint of weight gain. Which medication is frequently associated with weight gain? • Question 8 Subjective and symptomatic data are: • Question 9 Mr. Johnson presents with a freely movable cystic mass in the midline of the high neck region at the base of the tongue. This is most likely a: • Question 10 Small, minute bruises are called: • Question 11 During physical examination of a 30-year-old Chinese man, you notice slight asymmetry of his face. The cranial nerve examination is normal. Your best action is to: • Question 12 When assessing abdominal pain in a college-age woman, one must include: • Question 13 When examining the skull of a 4-month-old baby, you should normally find: • Question 14 A serous membrane that lines the abdominal cavity and forms a protective cover for many abdominal structures is the: • Question 15 Mr. L. presents to the clinic with severe groin pain and a history of kidney stones. Mr. L.'s son tells you that, for religious reasons, his father wishes to keep any stone that is passed into the urine filter that he has been using. What is your most appropriate response? • Question 16 Mr. Kevin Marks is a new health care provider. What is the best method to develop cultural competence? • Question 17 Auscultation should be carried out last, except when examining the: • Question 18 As part of your health promotion education for a new patient, you explain that the risk factors for skin cancer include: • Question 19 Nasal symptoms that imply an allergic response include: • Question 20 You are collecting a history from an 11-year-old girl. Her mother is sitting next to her in the examination room. When collecting history from older children or adolescents, they should be: • Question 21 When are open-ended questions generally most useful? • Question 22 Mr. Akins is a 78-year-old patient who presents to the clinic with complaints of hearing loss. Which of the following are changes in hearing that occur in the elderly? Select all that apply. • Question 23 During an interview, tears appear in the patient's eyes and his voice becomes shaky. Initially, you should: • Question 24 When taking a history, you should: • Question 25 Tympanic th...

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