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NETW 583 Strategic Management of Technology Midterm Exam

Question: TCO A – The Solow Residual refers to
Question: TCO A – Which of the following is true about technology trajectories?
Question: TCO B – When you buy a product on eBay you can pay for it using an online payment system called PayPal (which accepts credit cards or electronic funds transfers). The payment system is heavily secured using encryption technology. PayPal is offering simplicity, convenience and __________ utility levers according to the Kim and Mauborgne model.
Question: TCO B – One advantage cell phone customers in the European Union (EU) had over U.S. customers early in the adoption of cells phones is that…
Question: TCO A – At a retreat by the Salisbury City Council, community leaders held a discussion on attracting and developing new businesses and increasing employment rates in the city. One leader suggested that the city consider sponsoring a business incubator. Explain what an incubator is and how this might help the city meet its goals.
Question: TCO A – Lately computer users have been using USB Jump Drives to copy and store files. These are also called “thumb drives,” “pen drives,” and other names. These are small drives you can attach to a key chain and plug into any USB port and have the utility of a hard drive. The size of their memory varies from 16 kilobytes to several gigabytes. Assume you are the CEO of the Ajax Thumb Drive Company. How might you use the s-curve model to predict when to switch to a new technology? What would be the limitations of this approach?
Question: TCO B – Explain why it is that if a company’s technology is adopted by users ahead of other technologies, it might be at a tremendous advantage and competitors will have trouble catching up.
Question: TCO B – Why is the installed base of users of a technology that requires complementary goods so important to a company’s future success?
Question: TCO C – Prahalad and Hamel offer 3 tests to identify a firm’s core competencies: List the tests, explain them, and provide examples.
Question: TCO C – Gallon, Stillman & Coates suggest a six-step approach for identifying and cultivating a firm’s core competencies. Describe this approach and provide examples.

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