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PSYCH 630 Week 4 Learning Team Assignment The Man Without a Memory Paper

Search for and view the following video--Man without a Memory- Clive Wearing.
Use the Learning Team forum to engage in the discussion of the answers to the questions below.
Summarize the team discussion in a 600- to 700-word paper BUT BE SURE THE QUESTIONS BELOW ARE ANSWERED DIRECTLY IN THE PAPER.

Address in a 600- to 700-word paper the following questions with your Learning Team:

· How would you define the relationship between learning something and remembering it?

· What specific region of Clive's brain is damaged to result in this memory loss?

· How do you explain Clive's loss of memory for most things, despite his lasting memory for his wife and the piano?

· If you were Clive, what memories would you miss the most?

· How are emotions linked to memories? Provide some examples to support your answers.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.X

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