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NR 601 MIDTERM EXAM/ Reliable Latest Update 2020 / Chamberlain College

NR 601 Midterm Exam
A client is newly diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus. Which diagnostic test will best evaluate the management plan prescribed for this client?
Quarterly hemoglobin A1C

After first managing the pain being experienced by the client with gout, the treatment focuses on:
Preventing systemic involvement by altering the client's diet

The abrupt onset of symptoms of stress or urge incontinence is most often due to a urinary tract infection

A 60-year-old woman presents with a chief complaint of uncomfortable breathing on exertion. She has had a minimally productive cough for several years that does not bother her. On further questioning, she states that her breathing gets much worse when she lies down. The most likely cause of her dyspnea is:

Which of the following drugs do not trigger or aggravate a cough?

Based on current demographic data, which statement identifies a predictive trend regarding the health care needs of society?
More nursing services will be required to serve the needs of the population 85 years of age and older.

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