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NRSG 3302 TEST 2 Verified Questions & Answers Latest 2020

NRSG 3302 TEST 2 Questions & Answers

1. A 26 week gestation woman id diagnosed with severe preeclampsia. The nurse assess for which of the following signs/ symptoms associated with HELLP syndrome?
a. Epigastric pain
b. High serum protein
c. Hyporeflexia
d. Thrombocytopenia
e. Bloody stools
2. Client is being discharged from the hospital after evacuation of a molar pregnancy. The nurse recognizes that additional discharge teaching is required when the client states:
a. “I am so sad for my loss”
b. “I may need to have chemotherapy after this”
c. “I will need to see the doctor in one year for a follow-up”
d. “I will use contraception for the next year”
3. A patient who is having a difficult labor is diagnosed with cephalopelvic disproportion (CPD). The nurse should question which medical order:
a. Maintain NPO status
b. Start IV of Normal Saline
c. Add 10 units of oxytocin to IV fluids – cesarean birth is indicated when there is a cephalopelvic disproportion, no need to induce labor may result in uterine rupture and fetal compromise
d. Record fetal heart tones every 15 minutes
4. A client is admitted to the hospital with an ectopic pregnancy. The symptoms that caused her to seek health care is most likely to have been:
a. Sharp unilateral abdominal pain
b. Uncontrolled vomiting
c. Lack of fetal movement
d. Profuse vaginal bleeding
5. An increased risk for shoulder dystocia is associated with:
a. Preterm labor
b. Maternal diabetes
d. Previous precipitous birth
6. A primigravida patient who is 29 weeks pregnant comes to the labor and delivery unit. She is O+ and rubella immune. She states she is having regular contractions every 8 minutes. An exam reveals she is 3 cm dilated. Which of the following can the nurse expect to administer?
a. Folic acid
b. Nifedipine
c. Betamethasone
d. Rhogram
e. IV fluids
f. Morphine

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