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PSYCH 5202 FINAL EXAM 1 REVIEW Chapters 1-4

PSYCH 5202 FINAL EXAM 1 REVIEW Chapters 1-4 1. In the science of human development, “nurture” refers to _____. A) universal traits B) biological traits C) environmental influences D) unique traits 2. When a researcher wants to determine the cause of a particular behavior, the appropriate research method to use is a(n) _____. A) case study B) scientific observation C) experiment D) survey 3. Which statement about scientific observation is true? A) It requires a large number of participants. B) It requires specialized equipment such as video recorders. C) It involves recording behavior systematically and objectively. D) It must take place in a lab setting. 4. The human fetus develops fingers and toes between 28 and 54 days after conception but cannot develop fingers and toes before or after that time. This is an example of _____. A) a sensitive period B) a critical period C) discontinuity D) continuity 5. Which type of research design combines the cross-sectional design with the longitudinal research design? A) cross-sequential B) cross-sectional C) meta-sequential D) longitudinal

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