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NURS 6551 MIDTERM EXAM Latest 2020

• Question 1
2 out of 2 points

Cyclic mastalgia:
Selected Answer: d.
Is caused by hormonal changes associated with menstruation

• Question 2
2 out of 2 points

The possibility of cancer is associated with mastalgia when the pain:
Selected Answer: b.
Is accompanied by skin changes or palpable abnormality

• Question 3
2 out of 2 points

Why is adenomyosis frequently underdiagnosed?
Selected Answer: d.
It has similar symptoms to other pelvic pain conditions.

• Question 4
2 out of 2 points

What is the current (2006) recommendation by the CDC regarding HIV testing?
Selected Answer: b.
Test all patients unless they explicitly decline to be tested.

• Question 5
2 out of 2 points

What is the most common type of menstrual dysfunction related to hyperandrogenism?
Selected Answer: c.
Irregular bleeding

• Question 6
2 out of 2 points

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