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NURS 5220 MENTAL HEALTH Questions & Answers

NURS 5220 MENTAL HEALTH Questions & Answers

Ms. Pammy is a 36-year-old woman who presents to your office with a complaint of depression. She is experiencing anger, fear, and sorrow. Which of the following regulates feelings of anger, fear, and sorrow?
Limbic system

Mrs. Hilliard brings her 9-year-old daughter to your office. She has been diagnosed with autistic disorder. Which of the following statements best describes this disorder?
Pervasive neurodevelopmental disorder

Mr. Edwards presents to the emergency department following an auto accident. Which of the following scales would be used to evaluate the mental status of a patient following head trauma?
Glasgow Coma Scale

Disordered perceptions, decreased attention span, suspiciousness and fear with motor and sensory excitement are characteristics of which disorder?

Mr. Yates is a 67-year-old patient who presents to your office with his son. Which of the following would best test Mr. Yates comprehension?
Ask him to follow one- and two-step commands.

Mrs. Tucker presents to your office today for a follow-up appointment. She appears to fidget in her seat and with her hands. Which of the following would assess her attention span?
Could you take this paper, fold it in half, and put it on the counter?

A mother brings her child, an 18-month-old boy, to the clinic. She states that the child rarely talks or smiles. She has also noticed that he does not like to be held. She states that his motor development seems to be normal. With what condition are these symptoms consistent?
Autistic disorder

Mr. Johnson presents to your office with a complaint of anxiety. Which area of the mental assessment corresponds to his complaint?
Emotional stability

Mrs. Karon is a 46-year-old female patient who presents to your office for a physical. When you enter the room, her arms are folded tight and she will not look up to address you. Into which category of examination findings do these observations belong?
Appearance and behavior

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