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• Question 1

The adipose tissue in the hypodermis serves to:

• Question 2

The type and brand of grooming products used are important to the health history of:

• Question 3

You are inspecting the lower extremities of a patient and have noted pale, shiny skin of the lower extremities. This may reflect:

• Question 4

The characteristic that best differentiates psoriasis from other skin abnormalities is the:

Response Feedback: Unlike other skin conditions, silvery papules and plaques characterize psoriasis.

• Question 5

Transient mottling of the patient's skin in a cool room is a common finding in:

• Question 6

Pigmented, raised, warty lesions over the face and trunk should be assessed by an experienced practitioner who can distinguish:

• Question 7

During history taking, a mother states that her son awoke in the middle of the night complaining of intense itching to his legs. Today, your inspection reveals honey-colored exudate from the vesicular rash on his legs. Which condition is consistent with the above findings?

• Question 8

Soft, painless, bluish papules in persons who are HIV-positive are most likely:

• Question 9

Skin turgor checks are performed to determine the:

• Question 10

The nurse assesses the nail base angle using the Schamroth technique. The normal expected examination finding is nail beds that are _____ at the bases.

• Question 11

You have just completed a skin assessment on Mr. Baker. During your assessment, you have transilluminated a skin lesion. During the physical examination, you know that skin lesions are transilluminated to distinguish:

• Question 12

Caf&eactue; au lait patches are numbered with each assessment of infants and young children because:

• Question 13

Mrs. Mulligan brings her 16-year-old son into the office for a sports physical examination. As the health care provider, you explain that normal hormone-related changes of adolescence include:

• Question 14

Mrs. Bower is a 39-year-old patient who has come to the office for a routine physical examination. As the health care provider, you know that the skin temperature is best assessed with the:

• Question 15

The nurse inspects an annular lesion. What type of additional lighting source should be used for further assessment?

• Question 16

The most common inflammatory skin condition is:

• Question 17

A Dennie-Morgan fold is probably caused by:

• Question 18

Lidocaine with epinephrine can safely be used to anesthetize which of the following?

• Question 19

Sally comes to your family practice clinic 24 hours after she lacerated her foot on an oyster shell. The wound is 4cm in length, shallow, and is on the sole of her foot. There is a small amount of bleeding on the dressing. She asks you to suture it closed because it keeps leaking blood. What is the best response?

• Question 20

The rationale for suturing wounds includes:

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