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Care of The Older Adult -TEST BANK.

Care of The Older Adult -TEST BANK /Care of The Older Adult -TEST BANK. A negative attitude towards aging and the aged is called: A. geriatrics B. racism C. ageism D. ethnocentrism Answer: C Which of the following is not considered a core competency for nurses caring for older adults? A. Analyze the impact of an aging society on the health care system B. Obtain certification in gerontological nursing C. Prevent or reduce common risk factors that contribute to functional decline D. Recognize one's own attitudes about aging Answer: B The nurse wishes to obtain basic certification in the specialty of gerontological nursing. Which of the following is true about this credential? A. there is an experience requirement B. one must pass an exam C. one must have a BSN D. a and b only Answer: D When the nurse reads an article and uses the findings of a study to improve the quality of the patients for whom she cares, she is implementing the role of: A. teacher B. manager C. research consumer D. advocate Answer: C A lawyer wishes to hire a nurse consultant who has advanced education and certification in gerontology. Based on their listed credentials, which of the following nurses best fits his wishes? A. Sally Smith, RN, BSN, BC B. Mary Malloy, RN, MS, GNP C. Andy Jones, LPN, CRRC D. Greg Reed, RN, MSN Answer: B The AACN/John A. Hartford Foundation Competencies are helpful to nurses because they: A. offer suggestions about how to gain employment in geriatrics B. provide a guideline for the knowledge that is expected to provide quality care to older adults C. were designed to prepare nurses to pass the State Board Exam D. were written for nurses working on a graduate degree in gerontology Answer: B The nurse has a question about the appropriateness of an older patient's medication dose. Which of the following professionals would be best qualified to answer such a question?

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