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Concepts on antidepressants and anti-parkinsonism

Must knows on antidepressants and anti-parkinsonism. Patients who is taking monoamine oxidase inhibitors should not take tyramine rich foods. Active metabolite of drug fluoxetine have the ability to attain higher level in the plasma and long half-life. It is take preferably at night because of sedative side effect. Dopamine decarboxylase is present both in the periphery and CNS. COMT INHIBITORS inhibit dopamine decarboxylase. Levodopa is most effective in controlling bradykinesia. Amantadine increase synthesis, storage/uptake, and release of dopamine.

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  • Subject: Pharmacology
  • Course code: BIOL20932
  • Year of study: 2016
  • Book
  • Name book: Basic and Clinical Pharmacology
  • Document
  • Section: Lecture notes
  • Updated on: 07-11-2021
  • Made on: 04-11-2021
  • Type: .pdf
  • Pages: 7
  • Language: English



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