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Maternal-Newborn Final Study Guide

Maternal-Newborn Final Study Guide

This is broken up into areas that you may see the questions in. Some of the material you may see repeated. Coordinate the study guide as you need to.
Please complete this study guide --- find the answers to all the topics, then upload to the gradebook &

Basic Care and Comfort
Client education: lactation suppression (how to prevent lactation) & engorgement (breast & bottle)
•Wear a firm and supportive bra
•Relieve pain and swelling with cold/gel packs in your bra
•Cabbage leaves can be used as cold compresses

Hyperemesis gravidarum: lab work associated with this
•Urinalysis for ketones and specific gravity

Nutrition during pregnancy: iron, folic acid, protein, vitamin & minerals: know values & why need
•1000mg for iron: helps transfer o2 to baby
•Folic acid: 600g of folic acid a day and prevents neuro tube defects
•Protein: 70-100g a day: good source of iron

Pain management during labor: pharmacological and nonpharmacological (counterpressure, hypnosis) actions to reduce pain
•Epidural anesthesia for pharmacological
•Distraction, deep breathing exercises, music for non-pharmacological

Postpartum assessment findings physiological adaptations
•Emotion for postpartum depression
•LOCHIA: crucial to see if the fluid is infected or not
•Fundus placement and if firm or boggy
•Make sure the bladder is working, help pt to restroom

Pain Control for Heel stick for infant
•Warm heel using heel warmers
•Skin to skin

Postpartum Physiological Adaptations: Contraindications for Postpartum Medication Administration
Methergine is contraindicated to high blood pressure

Early Onset of Labor: Laboratory Values During Tocolytic Therapy (Magnesium sulfate) Magnesium sulfate lab values are 4-8

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