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ATI Mental Health Chapter 10 Brain Stimulation Therapies

ATI Mental Health
Chapter 10 Brain Stimulation Therapies

1.) A nurse is providing teaching for a client who is scheduled to receive ECT for the treatment of major depressive disorder. Which of the following client statements indicates understanding of the teaching?
a.“It is common to treat depression with ECT before trying medications.”
b.“I can have my depression cured if I receive a series of ECT treatments.”
c.“I should receive ECT once a week for 6 weeks.”
d.“I will receive a muscle relaxant to protect me from injury during ECT.”
2.) A charge nurse is discussing TMS with a newly licensed nurse. Which of the following statements by the newly licensed nurse indicates an understanding of the teaching?
a.“TMS is indicated for clients who have schizophrenia spectrum disorders.”
b.“I will provide postanesthesia care following TMS.”
c.“TMS treatments usually last 5 to 10 minutes.”
d.“I will schedule the client for daily TMS treatments for the first several weeks.” 3.) A nurse is assessing a client immediately following an ECT procedure. Which of the
following findings should the nurse expect? (Select all that apply.)
b.Paralytic ileus.
c.Memory loss.
4.) A nurse is leading a peer group discussion about the indications for ECT. Which of the following indications should the nurse include in the discussion?
a.Borderline personality disorder.
b.Acute withdrawal related to a substance use disorder.
c.Bipolar disorder with rapid cycling.
d.Dysphoric disorder.
5.) A nurse is planning care for a client following surgical implantation of a VNS device. The nurse should plan to monitor for which of the following adverse effects? (Select all that apply.)
a.Voice changes.
b.Seizure activity.
e.Neck pain.

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