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ATI Mental Health Final Study Guide 2019

ATI Mental Health Final Study Guide 2019
Theories and Therapies
oPsychoanalysis: therapeutic process pf assessing unconscious thoughts and feelings and resolving conflict
▪Past relationships are the common focus
▪Disadvantage: lengthy
oPersonality structure
▪Id: pleasure principle and reflex action (think hungry newborn crying)
▪Ego: problem solver and reality tester
▪Superego: moral component of personality
oDefense mechanisms and anxiety
▪Operate at an unconscious level
▪Defense mechanisms work by denying, falsifying, or distorting reality to make it less threatening
oExperience during the early stages of life determine how you react
▪Individuals’ lifetime adjustment patterns
▪Personality traits
oTransference vs countertransference
o8 stages of development
▪Infancy (0-1 ½ yrs) – Trust vs mistrust
▪Early Childhood (1 ½ - 3 yrs) – Autonomy vs shame and doubt
▪Preschool (3-6 yrs) – Initiative vs guilt
▪School age (6-12 yrs) – Industry vs inferiority
▪Adolescence (12-20 yrs) – Identity vs role confusion
▪Early Adulthood (20-35 yrs) – Intimacy vs isolation
▪Middle Adulthood (35-65 yrs) – Generativity vs self-absorption
▪Later Years (65+ yrs) – Integrity vs despair
oDevelopment model we use in the nursing assessment
oHelps to determine what types of nursing interventions are most likely to be effective
oFoundation for Hildegard Peplau’s theory
oPurpose of all your client’s behavior is to get their needs met through interpersonal interactions and to reduce or avoid anxiety
oProposed that the nurse-client relationship “facilitates forward movement” for the nurse and the client
oProcess of nurse working with client is to:
▪Facilitate the client’s boundary management
▪Independent problem solving
▪Decision-making that promotes autonomy by modeling good behaviors and correcting bad behavior
•Hildegard Peplau
oArt of nursing
▪Provide care, compassion, and advocacy – enhance comfort and well-being
oScience of nursing

▪Application of knowledge to understand a broad range of human problems and intervene in relieving patient suffering and promote growth
o*** Preorientation, orientation, working, termination phase
oDetermine level of client’s anxiety  provide interventions to lower anxiety  aim to improve patient’s ability to think and function
oPeplau established the foundation for the professional practice of psychiatric nursing, she also continued to enrich psychiatric nursing theory and work for the advancement of nursing practice throughout her career

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Subjects of Essentials of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing - Chamberlain College Of Nursing

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