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Anatomy and Physiology ATI Study Q&A 2022 all Answers Correct and Graded

Anatomy and Physiology ATI Study Q&A

1. Which of the following bones is a component of the appendicular skeleton?
a) Xyphoid process
b) Symphysis pubis
c) sacrum
d) sternum

2. Testosterone production is regulated by which of the following glands?
a) Pineal
b) Thymus
c) Parathyroid
d) Pituitary

3. Which of the following is the measurement of the percentage of red blood cells in whole blood?
a) Hematocrit
b) Hemoglobin
c) Mean corpuscular volume
d) Reticulocyte count

4. Which of the following structure of the gastrointestional system absorbs iron and bile salts?
a) Ileum
b) Jejunum
c) Colon
d) Duodenum

5. In a normal functioning cardiovascular system, where does the heartbeat originate?
a) Atrioventricular nodes
b) Bundle of HIS
c) Purkinje fibers
d) Sinoatrial node

6. An individual with which of the following blood type can receive only blood of that same type?
a) Type O
b) Type A
c) Type B
d) Type AB

7. Peripheral vasodilation results in heat loss through which of the following processes?
a) conduction
b) convection
c) radiation
d) evaporation

8. Which of the following structures, located at the end of the ear canal, vibrates when sound waves strikes it?
a) Acoustic meatus
b) Cochlea
c) Eustachian tube
d) Tympanic membrane

9. Production of which of the following is a function of the prostate gland?
a) testosterone
b) fluid to lubricate the head of the penis
c) substance to enhance sperm mobility
d) Gonadotrophin releasing hormone

10. Which of the following cardiac valves prevents blood from returning to the left ventricle of the heart?
a) pulmonic
b) mitral
c) tricuspid
d) aortic Ans

11. Which of the following is a role of platelets in hemostasis?
a) formation of plugs
b) promotion of vasodilation
c) conversion of prothrombin to thrombin
d) activation of calcium

12. Which of the following valves prevents backflow of the blood from the right ventricle into the right atrium of the heart?
a) Aortic
b) triscupid valve
c) pulmonic
d) mitral valve Ans

13. Which of the following ions is most abundant in extracellular fluid?
a) Calcium
b) Chloride
c) Sodium
d) Potassium

14. Which of the following types of cells is primarily responsible for the destruction of old cells and invasive micro-organisms?
a) Basophils
b) Eosinophils
c) B-cells
d) macrophages

15. Which of the following hormones is secreted by the posterior pituitary gland?
a) Growth hormone
b) Luteinizing hormone
c) Adrenocortrophic hormone
d) Antidiuretic hormone

16. Straightening the elbow by lowering the hand affects which of the following muscles?
a) biceps brachii
b) triceps brachii
c) brachials
d) brachioradialis

17. Which of the following substances is involved in the destruction of ingested pathogens?
a) lymphatic fluid
b) stomach acid
c) bicarbonate
d) lipase

18. Which of the following describes the event of ovulation?
a) The fallopian tube moves the ovum to the uterus.
b) The oocyte undergoes it's first meiotic division.
c) The graafian follicle releases an ovum.
d) The corpus luteum produces progesterone.

19. Which of the following is the effect of aldosterone secretion on electrolyte levels?
a) Calcium levels are decreased
b) Sodium levels are increased
c) Potassium levels are increased
d) Magnesium levels are decreased
20. Which of the following is a result of stimulation of the sympathetic nervous system?
a) decreased blood flow to the skeletal muscles
b) increased cardiac output
c) decreased respiratory rate
d) increased urinary output

21. Which of the following structures is located between the descending colon and the rectum?
22. Which of the following electrolytes plays an essential role in the clotting of blood?
a) sodium
b) magnesium
c) calcium
d) potassium

23. Which of the following may indicate a hypersecretion of thyroid hormone?
a) weight loss
b) Brachycardia
c) cold intolerance
d) lethargy

24. A normal adult bladder has the capacity to hold up to how many mL of urine before involuntary micturition is likely to occur?

25. Which part of the nephron is closest to the collecting duct?

26. Calcium concentration in the blood is controlled by which of the following glands?
27. Which part of the brain regulates heart rate, respiratory rate, and blood pressure?

28. What is the function of the gallbladder?

29. An occurrence of too high of a concentration of which of the following electrolytes is associated with cardiac arrhythmias?
a) chloride
b) phosphorus
c) potassium
d) sodium

30. What function is associated with the dermal layer of the skin?

31. What is the function of the ureters?

32. Breastfeeding of an infant provides what kind of immunity?

33. What blood vessels carry deoxygenated blood to the right atrium of the heart?

34. What does the respiratory system eliminate when there is an excess of hydrogen ions in the body?

35. What structure is distal to the ascending colon?

36. What mediates the body's response to stress?

37. What is the function of the liver?

38. What is responsible for the regulation of body temperature?

39. What is the iron-containing component of a red blood cell?

40. What is the function of angiotensin II in the regulation of blood pressure?
41. Blood pH is measure by the gain and loss of what?

42. What is the order of the protective meningeal layers of the brain from inside to outside?

43. What tissues connects bone to joint?
44. When blood leaves the left ventricle of the heart, what structures does it enter next?

45. Where is the site of sperm maturation in the male reproductive system?

46. What is the result of the release of antidiuretic hormone?

47. After passing through the glottis, inspired air then travels through which structure?

48. What is a wax-like substance secreted by glands in the external car canal?

49. What is the result of meiosis?

50. What pituitary hormones stimulates the process of gametogenesis?

51. What structures prevents food from being aspirated into the lungs?

52. What hormone is produced by the thyroid gland and is active in calcium metabolism?

53. What type of muscle tissue is under voluntary control?

54. What structure filters foreign particles from lymphatic fluid?

55. What hormone regulates urine output?

56. What is associated with the release of histamine?

57. What part of the central nervous system is responsible for the control of involuntary respiration?

58. What hormone is involved in fluid balance that is produced by the kidney?
59. In the process of wound healing, what plays a role in clearing a wound of cellular debris?

60. What is associated with wound healing by primary intention?

61. What is function of surfactant in the alveoli of the lungs?

62. Blood cells are produced by what?

63. Where are the nutrients transported after being absorbed into the blood stream?
64. What antibody type mediates the body's response to an allergen?
65. What tissues attaches muscle to bone?

66. What is the average length of female urethra?

67. Bile aids in the digestion of what?

68. What structure of the respiratory system is the site of gas exchange?

69. What is the structure of the inner ear?

70. What occurs at the beginning of systole in a healthy heart?

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