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MDC 4 FINAL EXAM Complete, Latest 2022.


1. You witness a patient with stiffening and/or rigidity of muscles, especially arms and legs, with immediate loss of consciousness.

What type of seizure? -

2. You witness a patient with rhythmic jerking/relaxing of all extremities.

What type of seizure? -

3. You witness a patient with a sudden loss of muscle tone lasting a few seconds, the patient dropped to the floor.

What type of seizure? -

4. A patient is in recovery after a seizure, they are a bit confused and their brain is recovering. May last minutes to hours.

What phase of seizure? -

5. A 25-year-old female is prescribed Phenytoin Sodium (seizure medication). What is an example of patient education for this specific population of patients? -

6. Bradykinesia, muscle rigidity, and masklike face are clinical manifestations of: -

7. The initial concern for a patient with Parkinson's disease is safety due to: -

8. A 30-year-old woman is experiencing double vision, trigeminal neuralgia, ataxia, and spasms.

What do you suspect? -

9. What medication is often used to treat spasms in a patient with multiple sclerosis? -

10. A patient arrives in the ER with ascending paralysis.

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