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Walden University Exam 1, All Correct Answers

A professor has taught the students about the pathogenesis of abdominal pain. Which statement by a student indicates the professor needs to review the material?

Selected Answer:

Low concentrations of anaerobes, such
as Streptococci, Lactobacilli, Staphylococci, Enterobacteria, and Bacteroides, produce abdominal pain.

Which cardiac chambers have the thinnest wall and why?

Selected Answer:

The right and left atria; they are low-pressure chambers that serve as storage units and conduits for blood.

A healthcare provider notes that tapping the patient's facial nerve leads to lip twitching. What electrolyte value is correlated with this finding?

Selected Answer:

Ca ++: 8.2

What is the cause of functional dysphagia?

Selected Answer:

Neural or muscular disorders

Which gastric hormone inhibits acid and pepsinogen secretion, as well as decreases the release of gastrin?

Selected Answer:

Somatosta tin

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