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• A 4-year old girl in waiting room and the nurse is observing her behavior. Which one was normal?
Talking to an imaginary friend
• School aged male with diabetes before a game checks blood glucose to be 180mg/dL; what to do?
Give go ahead to play because glucose is within normal
• Mother gave birth who is positive for HIV; what to do who was given something and also AZT therapy during labor; what should RN do? Ensure to take AZT within 6 hours after Birth
• Select all that apply. A 2-year old seen drinking soda from a bottle.
Dental caries are associated with drinking soda; Drinking soda is related to childhood obesity; Toddlers should be drinking from a cup by age 2
• A 10 year old boy on bed rest. Checkers
• Pt is 3cm dilated; 50%effaced; at 0 station. After 1 hr, she wants to go to bathroom; what should nurse do? determine current cervical dilation
• Pt admitted in L&D because of non reactive result on non-stress test. Does contraction test. Most important finding to report? Pattern of fetal late deceleration

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