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A child diagnosed with asthma begins corticosteroid treatments. The nurse explains to the parents that the purpose of corticosteroid treatment is to produce which therapeutic effect?
Dilation of bronchial airways
Decrease bronchospasms
Prevention of infection
Anti-inflammatory effect

2 Which is the recommended treatment for moderate to severe lead poisoning?
IV fluids
Heavy metal antagonist

3 Which treatment is a nursing priority when providing care for an infant diagnosed with bacterial meningitis?
Initiate cardiorespiratory monitoring.
Initiate intravenous fluids.
Observe respiratory isolation.
Administer antibiotic therapy.
4 The dosage of a pediatric medication is 120mg/kg/day to be give t.i.d. The patient weighs 12 pounds. What is the correct dose for the nurse to administer?
120 mg
480 mg
218 mg
651 mg

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