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CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment 2020 Testbank -Studyguide

CURRENT Medical Diagnosis and Treatment
2019 Testbank/Studyguide
Chapter 1. Disease Prevention & Health Promotion
1. Which of the following behaviors indicates the highest potential for spreading infections
among clients? The nurse:
1) disinfects dirty hands with antibacterial soap.
2) allows alcohol-based rub to dry for 10 seconds.
3) washes hands only after leaving each room.
4) uses cold water for medical asepsis.
2. What is the most frequent cause of the spread of infection among institutionalized
1) Airborne microbes from other patients
2) Contact with contaminated equipment
3) Hands of healthcare workers
4) Exposure from family members
3. Which of the following nursing activities is of highest priority for maintaining medical
1) Washing hands
2) Donning gloves
3) Applying sterile drapes
4) Wearing a gown
4. A patient infected with a virus but who does not have any outward sign of the disease is
considered a:
1) pathogen.
2) fomite.
3) vector.
4) carrier.
5. A patient is admitted to the hospital with tuberculosis. Which precautions must the nurse
institute when caring for this patient?
1) Droplet transmission
2) Airborne transmission
3) Direct contact
4) Indirect contact
6. A patient becomes infected with oral candidiasis (thrush) while receiving intravenous
antibiotics to treat a systemic infection. Which type of infection has the patient developed?
1) Endogenous nosocomial
2) Exogenous nosocomial
3) Latent
4) Primary
7. A patient admitted to the hospital with pneumonia has been receiving antibiotics for 2
days. His condition has stabilized, and his temperature has returned to normal. Which stage of
infection is the patient most likely experiencing?
1) Incubation
2) Prodromal
3) Decline
4) Convalescence
8. The nurse assists a surgeon with central venous catheter insertion. Which action is
necessary to help maintain sterile technique?
1) Closing the patients door to limit room traffic while preparing the sterile field
2) Using clean procedure gloves to handle sterile equipment
3) Placing the nonsterile syringes containing flush solution on the sterile field
4) Remaining 6 inches away from the sterile field during the procedure
9. A patient develops localized heat and erythema over an area on the lower leg. These
findings are indicative of which secondary defense against infection?
1) Phagocytosis
2) Complement cascade
3) Inflammation
4) Immunity
10. The patient suddenly develops hives, shortness of breath, and wheezing after receiving
an antibiotic. Which antibody is primarily responsible for this patients response?
1) IgA
2) IgE
3) IgG
4) IgM
11. What type of immunity is provided by intravenous (IV) administration of
immunoglobulin G?
1) Cell-mediated
2) Passive
3) Humoral
4) Active
12. A patient asks the nurse why there is no vaccine available for the common cold. Which
response by the nurse is correct?
1) The virus mutates too rapidly to develop a vaccine.
2) Vaccines are developed only for very serious illnesses.
3) Researchers are focusing efforts on an HIV vaccine.
The virus for the common cold has not been identified.
. A patient who has a temperature of 101F (38.3C) most likely requires:
1) acetaminophen (Tylenol).
2) increased fluids.
3) bedrest.
4) tepid bath.
14. Why is a lotion without petroleum preferred over a petroleum-based produc

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