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Pediatric Nursing – A Case-Based Approach 1st Edition Tagher Knapp Test Bank

Pediatric Nursing A Case-Based Approach 1st Edition Tagher Knapp
Test Bank
Chapter 1: Bronchiolitis
1. Which intervention is appropriate for the infant hospitalized with bronchiolitis?
a. Position on the side with neck slightly flexed.
b. Administer antibiotics as ordered.
c. Restrict oral and parenteral fluids if tachypneic.
d. Give cool, humidified oxygen.
Cool, humidified oxygen is given to relieve dyspnea, hypoxemia, and insensible fluid loss from
tachypnea. The infant should be positioned with the head and chest elevated at a 30- to 40-degree
angle and the neck slightly extended to maintain an open airway and decrease pressure on the
diaphragm. The etiology of bronchiolitis is viral. Antibiotics are given only if there is a
secondary bacterial infection. Tachypnea increases insensible fluid loss. If the infant is
tachypneic, fluids are given parenterally to prevent dehydration.
2. An infant with bronchiolitis is hospitalized. The causative organism is respiratory syncytial
virus (RSV). The nurse knows that a child infected with this virus requires what type of
a. Reverse isolation
b. Airborne isolation
c. Contact Precautions
d. Standard Precautions
RSV is transmitted through droplets. In addition to Standard Precautions and hand washing,
Contact Precautions are required. Caregivers must use gloves and gowns when entering the
room. Care is taken not to touch their own eyes or mucous membranes with a contaminated
gloved hand. Children are placed in a private room or in a room with other children with RSV
infections. Reverse isolation focuses on keeping bacteria away from the infant. With RSV, other
children need to be protected from exposure to the virus. The virus is not airborne.
3. A child has a chronic cough and diffuse wheezing during the expiratory phase of respiration.
This suggests what condition?
a. Asthma
b. Pneumonia
c. Bronchiolitis
d. Foreign body in trachea
Asthma may have these chronic signs and symptoms. Pneumonia appears with an acute ons

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