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Chapter 1
Multiple-Choice Questions
(Answers appear in bold)
1. Every discipline has a unique focus that directs inquiry and distinguishes it from other fields
of study.
A. True
B. False
2. The purpose of theory is to:
A. Explain experience
B. Describe relationships
C. Project outcomes
D. All of the above
3. Members of a community of scholars share a commitment to all of the following except:
A. Values
B. Knowledge
C. Geographic location
D. Processes
4. and structures are essential to any discipline and are inherent in nursing theories.
A. Paradigm and metaparadigm
B. Syntactical and conceptual
C. Middle and grand
D. Language and symbol
5. Books and periodicals are examples of .
A. Communication networks
B. Heritage of literature
C. Nursing organizations
D. Nursing discipline
6. Theories are not discovered in nature but are human inventions
A. True
B. False
7. The basic building blocks of theories are:
A. Concepts and their definitions
B. Statements of relationships
C. Concepts and statements of relationships
D. Empirical indicators
8. Nursing theories:
A. Are discovered in nature.
B. Serve as exact representations of reality.
C. Are invented by humans.
D. Cannot be modified.
9. A paradigm is defined as a:
A. Worldview
B. General framework
C. Shared perspectives held by members of a discipline
D. All of the above
10. Science generally evolves as a smooth, regular, continuing path of knowledge development
over time.
A. True
B. False
11. The dependence of nursing theory development on human imagination is an attribute of
nursing as a(n):
A. Occupation
B. Discipline
C. Vocation
D. Profession
12. The primary purpose of nursing theory is to:
A. Structure nursing knowledge.
B. Demonstrate creativity in nursing.
C. Guide the thinking about, being, and doing of nursing.
D. Organize nursing curricula.
13. The first nursing theorist who identified the importance of theory in nursing was:
A. Virginia Henderson
B. Hildegard Peplau
C. Lydia Hall
D. Florence Nightingale
14. Early nursing theorists relied on definitions of theory from nursing practice to guide the
development of theories within nursing.
A. True
B. False
15. The most abstract level of knowledge is:
A. Paradigm
B. Metaparadigm
C. Theory
D. Concept
16. Statements of enduring values or beliefs are considered:
A. Conceptual Models
B. Philosophies

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