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Touhy & Jett- Ebersole and Hess’ Gerontological Nursing & Healthy Aging, 5th Edition

Chapter 01: Introduction to Healthy Aging
Touhy & Jett: Ebersole and Hess’ Gerontological Nursing & Healthy Aging, 5th Edition
1. A man is terminally ill with end-stage prostate cancer. Which is the best statement about this
man‘s wellness?
a. Wellness can only be achieved with aggressive medical
b. Wellness is not a real option for this client because he
is terminally ill.
c. Wellness is defined as the absence of disease.
d. Nursing interventions can help empower a client to
achieve a higher level of wellness.
Nursing interventions can help empower a client to achieve a higher level of wellness; a nurse can foster wellness in
his or her clients. Wellness is defined by the individual and is multidimensional. It is not just the absence of disease.
A wellness perspective is based on the belief that every person has an optimal level of health independent of his or
her situation or functional level. Even in the presence of chronic illness or while dying, a movement toward wellness
is possible if emphasis of care is placed on the promotion of well-being in a supportive environment.
PTS: 1 DIF: Apply REF: p. 7 TOP: Nursing Process: Diagnosis
MSC: Health Promotion and Maintenance
2. In differentiating between health and wellness in health care, which of the following statements
is true?
a. Health is a broad term encompassing attitudes and
b. The concept of illness prevention was never considered
by previous generations.
c. Wellness and self-actualization develop through learning and growth.
d. Wellness is impossible when one‘s health is compromised.
Health is a broad term that encompasses attitudes and behaviors; holistically, health includes wellness, which involves one‘s whole being. The concept of illness prevention was never considered by previous generations; throughout history, basic self-care requirements have been recognized. Wellness and self-actualization develop through
learning and growth—as basic needs are met, higher level needs can be satisfied in turn, with ever-deepening richness to life. Wellness is possible when one‘s health is compromised—even with chronic illness, with multiple disabilities, or in dying, movement toward a higher level of wellness is possible.
PTS: 1 DIF: Understand REF: p. 7 TOP: Nursing Process: Evaluation
MSC: Health Promotion and Maintenance
3. Which racial or ethnic group has the highest life expectancy in the United States?
a. Native Americans
b. African Americans
c. Hispanic Americans
d. Asian and Pacific Island Americans
As shown in Figure 1.4, Hispanic men and women have the highest life expectancy of all. In 2011, for those of Hispanic origin of any race, the overall life expectancy at 65 years of age was 20.7 more years in 2011 (19.1 years for
men and 21.8 years for women).
PTS: 1 DIF: Understand REF: p. 6
TOP: Nursing Process: Assessment MSC: Safe, Effective Care Environment
4. Historical influences that have shaped the lives of the majority of the in-between cohort in the
United States today include which of the following?
a. Influenza epidemic of 1918
b. World War I
c. Child rearing in the Depression
d. World War II
Those who are in the in-between cohort in 2016 were born between 1915 and 1945. The men were likely to have
fought in World War II. The last of the Holocaust survivors are in this group. A person who survived the influenza
epidemic would be at least 98 years old in 2016 and therefore would be considered old-old or a centenarian. Most of
those who are of the in-between cohort had not reached childbearing age by the end of the Depression. Individuals
in the in-between cohort would not have been old enough to fight in World War II.
PTS: 1 DIF: Understand REF: p. 5
TOP: Nursing Process: Assessment MSC: Safe, Effective Care Environment
5. According to researchers, which characteristic do most centenarians share?
a. Female
b. Hispanic
c. Living in rural areas
d. Located in the Midwestern states
Based on the U.S. census report of 2010, centenarians were overwhelmingly white, female, and living in the urban
areas of the Southern states.
PTS: 1 DIF: Remember REF: p. 5
TOP: Nursing Process: Assessment MSC: Safe, Effective Care Environment
6. Which nursing intervention is a holistic approach to an older adult?
a. Performs glucose testing during the weekly worship
b. Wheels ambulatory adults to exercise when running
c. Assigns female nurses to older women who are Islamic
d. Allows older adults in a nursing home to eat meals
The nurse uses a holistic approach to the care of an older female adult who is Islamic because the woman and her
family are more likely to be willing participants in a therapeutic regimen that respects a tenet of their culture. Interrupting an older adult‘s worship with glucose testing can be interpreted as a lack of respect for spiritual needs. The
nurse can provide for and respect the physical and spiritual aspects of the older adult‘s life by testing for glucose
before the service begins. In transporting ambulatory adults to the exercise program in wheelchairs to save time, the
nurse disregards the need for self-esteem and exercise, both important aspects of physical well-being. Ambulatory
adults can walk with assistance, if needed, to exercise programs and can benefit from the additional activity and
independence. The nurse can be tempted to allow an older adult to eat meals alone in his or her room if this will
motivate the person to eat or if the older adult has dysphasia and is embarrassed. However, although focusing on
physical needs, the nurse ignores psychosocial and other aspects of health and well-being.
PTS: 1 DIF: Understand REF: p. 7 TOP: Nursing Process: Evaluation
MSC: Health Promotion and Maintenance
7. An older man who resides in a nursing home has a total cholesterol level of 245 mg/dL. Which
nursing intervention is most likely to assist this man in achieving his highest level of wellness?
a. Instruct him about increasing dietary fiber.
b. Ask the health care provider for a low-fat diet.
c. Schedule a consultation for him with the dietitian.
d. Review a menu with him to choose suitable foods.
The nurse collaborates with the older adult to choose suitable foods, which is likely to be an effective nursing intervention to help an older adult with hyperlipidemia achieve op

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