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1. a nurse is developing a plan of care for an older adult who is at risk for falls. Which of the
following actions should the nurse plan to include in the plan? (SATA)
Lock beds and wheelchairs when not providing care
Administer a sedative at bedtime
Provide information about home safety checks
Teach balance and strengthening exercises
Place the bedside table within the clients reach;
2. a nurse is providing teaching to a client who has schizophrenia about thioridazine. Which of the
following instructions should the nurse include in the teaching?
Report any sign of infection to the provider immediately
Expect your blood pressure to increase
Easy bruising may occur while taking this medication
Muscle rigidity is an expected adverse effect during the first few days of therapy
3. A nurse is teaching a client who has a new prescription for amoxicillin clavulanate to treat
pharyngitis. Which of the following statements by the client indicates an understanding of the
I will double my dose if I miss one
I should take this medication on an empty stomach between meals
I will take medication until my sore throat goes away
I will stop taking this medication if I develop itching
4.A nurse is preparing to administer medications to four clients. The nurse should administer
medications to which of the following clients first?
A client who has pneumonia a WBC count of 11,500/mm3 and is prescribed piperacillin
A client who has renal failure, a serum potassium of 5.8/mEq/L and is prescribed sodium
polystyrene sulfonate
A client who is post coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) has total cholesterol of 318mg/dl and is
prescribed atorvastatin
A client who has anemia hemoglobin of 11g/dl and is prescribed epoetin alfa5. a nurse caring for a client who is vomiting. Which of the following actions should the nurse take
Administer an antiemetic to the client
Notify housekeeping
Prevent the client from aspirating
Providing the client with an emesis basin
6. A nurse is providing teaching to a parent of a child who has celiac disease. The nurse should
include which of the following food choices for this child?
7. A nurse is caring for a client who is postoperative and has a prescription stockings. which of the
following actions should the nurse take?
Check the stockings for winkles
Apply the stockings while the client is siting in a chair
Measure the size of the clients foot
Remove the stockings once each day
8. A nurse is teaching a client about which foods she should include in her low fiber diet. Which
of the following statements indicates the client understands the teaching?
A fresh pear would be a good snack option
I can prepare refried beans for supper
I should choose white rice as a side dish
Bran cereal would be a good breakfast choice
10. A client is prescribed 1g potassium phosphate IV to be infused continuously over 6 hr.
Available is 1 g potassium phosphate in 250ml dextrose 5% water (D5W). The nurse should set
the IV pump to run at how many ml/hr?(round nearest whole number)

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