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NURS 407 HESI A2 Version 2 - Grammar, Vocab, Reading, Math Study Guide.

1. My father and I looked at her/hers. GRAMMAR 2. I am looking forward to my birthday party next week. A. Going B. Go C. Have D. Having 3. Coffee experts feel that the coffee blend is a dark blend. A. More greater B. Great C. Best D. More greatest 4. The nurse made a error with the medication, do the doctor made notes about it in the patients file. A. About it B. A C. With D. Made 5. Finishing isn't as important as answering correctly. A. Quick B. As quick C. So quickist D. Quickly 6. Which sentence is GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? A. A lot of people enjoy baseball movies. B. The patient said he took alot of pills yesterday. C. Alotts of time drivers go too fast. 7. Which sentence is GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT? A. Everyone enjoys ripping the wrapping paper off their holiday gifts. B. The racer ran swiftly down the track. C. The red fox jumped quickly over the sleeping dog. D. She lit scented candles so the air will smell sweetly.....To Be Continued

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