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A statement that is considered true before beginning study of some topic is called a(n):
According to the “Who believes what?” video, which of the following pairs of origins positions are most similar?
A _______________ is a carefully defined and trained way of thinking about something.
Peter Lombard had a clear literal view of Genesis 1.
The main stream of understanding Genesis 1 favored allegorical interpretations of much of Genesis 1 and 2.
The term “perspicuous” means:
Which of the following was one of the post-Fall limitations to human observation?
The early Reformation saw a strong resurgence of a literal understanding of Genesis.
A creation perspective recognizes that God:
The book of Romans outlines why all people are aware of God and therefore under judgement.
Which origins views are found within the “No evolution” bin in the “Who believes what?” video?
For God to be sustainer means that He keeps the creation in existence at all times.
God, as a rational creator, has communicated in which of the following ways:
Scientists and others often enter into disciplines without considering the philosophical foundations and views within the discipline
When God created us, He created us with the ability to construct our own wrong ideas and beliefs.
Wise argues that human observation had inherent limitations, even before the Fall.
Science primarily developed in which location?
When we start with God as Creator, and that the creation has indeed been created, then we will encourage higher ethics among scientists.
Many Reformation theologians wrote that there was no way to reconcile the early chapters of Genesis with their scientific understandings.
The statement: “Knowledge can be gleaned from the study of the physical world” is a presuppositional claim.
It seems clear that the Bible’s claims have __________ authority compared to observations made by man.
Clement of Rome believed that Adam was an allegorical figure.
Which of the following is one of the three reasons for studying the creation, as discussed by Dr. Wise:
Which Early Church “school” of Biblical interpretation favored an allegorical understanding of Genesis 1?
God is the best possible witness to events because:

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