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NUR 3870 Nursing Informatics Final EXAM Chapters 182122232425 For 12 19 19 1

NUR 3870 NURSING INFORMATICS FINAL EXAM CHAPTERS 1.What is an ELECTRONIC MEDICAL RECORD (EMR). Describe an EMR. 1. A nursing informatics specialist is conducting a presenta tion about the electronic medical record (EMR) to a group of facility staff. Which statement would the nurse specialist most likely include when describing the EMR? A) The EMR is transportable. B) The data in the EMR are owned by the client. C) It describes the care rendered during an agency visit. D) The EMR lacks standardized vocabulary. ∙ 2. Most important benefit of electronic documentation system 2. An electronic documentation system will be implemented in an agency. As part of the process, the staff is receiving education about the system and the overall benefits. Which benefit would be mentioned as the most important? A) Availability of an audit trail for information B) Decreased decentralization of the healthcare delivery system C) Enhanced ability to extract information D) Improvement in client care outcomes 3. A group of nurses are reviewing information related to the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act. The group demonstrates understanding of this act when they identify which examples as core objectives for supporting healthcare during stage 1? Select all that apply. A) Performing medication reconciliation B) Including clinical lab test results in the EHR C) Using computerized provider order entry D) Using a clinical decision support rule E) Sending secure client reminders for follow-up care ∙ 3. Strengths and weaknesses of paper and electronic documentation 4. A nurse is preparing a presentation to a group of staff members comparing paper and electronic documentation. Which weaknesses of paper records would the nurse include? Select all that apply. A) Legibility B) Lack of a backup system C) Difficult to transport D) Slowness in charting E) Easily damaged 5. A nurse is reviewing a client's electronic health record. Based on the nurse's understanding of data standards, which would the nurse identify as defining what data are shared? A) Clinical Document Architecture B) Continuity of Care Document C) Health information system D) Electronic medical record 6. A nurse is reading a journal article....To Be Continued

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