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Adult Health Quiz 3 Study Guide

•Infectious Heart Diseases:
oEndocarditis-Myocarditis-Pericarditis (by the heart layer)
oDx by echocardiogram
oBlood cultures may be used to identify the infectious agent & monitor therapy
oTreatment: appropriate antimicrobial therapy
•Rheumatic Endocarditis:
oMost often in school aged children after group A-beta hemolytic Strep pharyngitis
oAutoimmune disease triggered by STREP
oNeed to treat strep throat to prevent rheumatic fever
•Infective Endocarditis:
oInfective of the endocardium. Tends to be BACTERIAL
oUsually in patients w/:
▪prosthetic heart values or structural cardiac defects
▪IV drug users
▪Debilitating diseases
▪Indwelling catheters
▪Prolonged IV therapy

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