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NURS 5334 Advanced Pharmacology Comprehensive Final Exam Guide

Final Exam Blueprint
Prescribing Basics: 2 questions
Prescriptive authority regulated by the state BON in each state.
Tall man lettering to highlight dissimilaries with look-alike names
*Prescription contains... Physicians Name, Address, and telephone number are required to be included in
the prescription. DEA number (two letters, five numbers) if the prescription is for controlled substance,
Patient name and DOB (also may include address and weight), Date Rx is written (expires 1 year after
date issued), Name of drug and strength- avoid trailing zeroes, use leading zeroes, Directions with
indications/route of administration and frequency, write out number of refills, quantity of drug,
signature, NPI number (9 or 11 numbers), sign as A-PNP or role recognized by the BON

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  • Course: Nursing
  • Subject: Advanced Pharmacology
  • Subject code: NURS 5334 Advanced Pharmacology
  • Date of exam: winter
  • Year of study: 2021
  • Document
  • Section: Examinations
  • Made on: 21-05-2022
  • Type: .pdf
  • Pages: 36
  • Language: English



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