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Medical Surgical Nursing Notes 2021/2022

Overview of the Structures & Functions of Nervous System
Central NS PNS ANS
Brain & spinal cord 31 spinal & cranial sympathetic NS
Parasypathatic NS
Somatic NS
C- 8
T- 12
L- 5
S- 5
C- 1
ANS (or adrenergic of parasympatholitic response)
SNS involved in fight or aggression response Effects of SNS (anti-cholinergic/adrenergic)
1. Dilate pupil – to aware of surroundings
Release of norepinephrine (adrenaline – cathecolamine) - medriasis
Adrenal medulla (potent vasoconstrictor) 2. Dry mouth
Increases body activities VS = Increase 3. BP & HR= increased
Except GIT – decrease GITmotility bronchioles dilated to take more oxygen
4. RR increased
* Why GIT is not increased = GIT is not important! 5. Constipation & urinary retention
Increase blood flow to skeletal muscles, brain & heart.

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  • Course: Nursing
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  • Year of study: 2021
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