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ATI COMPREHENSIVE PREDICTOR STUDY GUIDE 2021-500+ Correct Questions & Answers

500+ Correct Questions & Answers
1. A nurse in an oncology clinic is assessing a client who has early stage Hodgkin's lymphoma.
Which of the following findings should the nurse suspect? Oncology
A. Bone and joint pain
B. Enlarged lymph nodes-ANS
C. Intermittent hematuria
D. Productive cough
2. A nurse in the emergency department is caring for a client who has a snakebite on her arm.
Which of the following interventions should the nurse implement? Dermatology
A. Immobilize the limb at the level of the heart-ANS
B. Apply a tourniquet to the affected limb
C. Use a sterile scapula to incise the wound
D. Apply ice to the skin over the snakebite wound

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