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(Answered)Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Exam_Distinction level guide 2022.


An acute illness is -

Persons living in nursing centers are called -

The nursing team involves the following except -

You have an important role in meeting standards and in the survey process. You must do the following except -

The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act of 1987 is a

OBRA requires retraining and/or new competency evaluation for persons who -

Does a nurse have to delegate a task to you?

A nursing assistant is also an EMT who works for the fire dept. In her EMT role, she is allowed to start IVs. On the weekend, she works as a nursing assistant at a nursing center. The RN asks her to start an IV on a resident. What should the nursing assistant do?

Unlawful restraint or restriction of a person's movement is

You see a nursing assistant hitting a resident. What should you do?

Work ethics mean

You should wear a wristwatch that

Treating the person with dignity is

A nursing center wants to hire you. Which is NOT required?

You see two health team members talking quietly to each other. You tell your co-worker what you overhear. This is

You need to talk to the nurse about a patient or resident. Where should you do this?

Before leaving the unit for a break, you need to

A patient's care is assigned to Sally. The patient needs to use the bathroom. Sally is on a meal break. Who will help the patient?

Which will NOT protect patients, residents, and you from harm?

Stress is

Which of the following are used to record frequent measurements or observations?

When should you report changes in the person's condition?

These statements are about charting, Which is incorrect?

When charting, you should record

Messages sent through facial expressions, gestures, posture, and body movements is

Which is correct?

You can help a new resident fel safe and secure by

Family and friends usually help meet the person's

Which is a common response to illness and disability

You ask a patient a question. You should

Which is important when communicating with persons who are disabled?
The process of cell division in called

The point at which two or more bones meet is a

Which is NOT a main part of the brain?

Another name for the trachea is the

Which separates the lungs from the abdominal cavity?

The process of breaking food down physically and chemically for absorption and use by the body is

Digestion begins in the

The stomach is located in the

The urinary system

Too little thyroid hormone results in the following EXCEPT

The rate of growth and development is the same for each person

Which is a developmental task of adolescence

During middle adulthood several physical changes occur. Which is CORRECT? -

Geriatrics is

Why is the ability to sense heat, cold, and pain reduced in older persons?

Older people usually need a shower or bath

Older people often complain about how food tastes. This is because

An older person may have swallowing difficulties because of

Men may have difficulty urinating because the

The need to urinate at night is reduced if the person

Paralysis and loss of sensory function in the legs and lower trunk is

To correctly identify the person before giving care, which is correct?

A patient is receiving continuous oxygen. The person wants to smoke. Which is correct?

The safe use of electrical equipment involves the following except -

When transferring a person to or from a wheelchair -

These statements are about preventing falls. Which is incorrect? -

Bed rails are considered restraints if the person cannot lower them without help -

Restraints are used

Restraints are used to

These statements are about restraints. Which is incorrect

Which is a restraint?

A resident keeps trying to pull out her feeding tube. Which restraint is the least restrictive?

Mitt restraints prevent
Items are sterilized in

A person has protection against a certain disease. The person has

Sterile means

To control the spread of microbes, you should do the following except

Which of the following will not control portals of entry?

Clean gloves have contact with clean sheets. Which statement is correct?

Always practice Standard Precautions in home settings

Which is incorrect about masks? -

A gown is needed for isolation precautions. The gown is removed -

Double bagging is needed when

When giving bedside care. the bed should be

To use good body mechanics, you should do the following except -

To protect yourself from injury, it is best to

Regular position changes

A resident is in bed. How often is the person repositioned

The nurse asks you to position a patient in the lateral position. The position is

The surfaces rub together. This is

A resident has weakness on her left side. You are transferring her from the bed to the wheelchair. Where should you position the wheelchair?

A transfer belt is not needed to transfer a resident from the bed to a chair. For the transfer, how should you hold onto the person?

You are going to transfer a resident from the wheelchair back to bed. Where should you position the wheelchair?

The nursing center has a new mechanical life. Which statement is correct?

A patient has slid down in the wheelchair. The person cannot assist with repositioning. To safely reposition the person

Symptoms are

Information that you can see, hear, feel, or smell is

Which vessels carry blood away from the heart? -

You give wrong information on a job application. This is -

Being dependable means the following except -

Persons needing respite care -

A person is in a coma. This means that the person -

The musculoskeletal system does the following except -

A resident's son is visiting. Which will NOT protect the residents privacy -

The white of the eye is the

After water is absorbed from chyme, the remaining semi-solid material is called -

Your work is causing you stress. What should you do? -

Who helps patients, residents, and families with social, emotional, and environmental issues affecting illness and recovery?

An assisted living residence

Which of the following should you report to the nurse? -

A man is going to use the urinal. What should he do when he is done?

These statements are about incontinence. Which is incorrect?

A resident has a catheter. Catheter care is given

Persons with catheters need perineal care

When giving catheter care, you need to hold the catheter at the

Defecation is

Flatus is

Which foods are needed for normal bowel movements

Which does not slow the passage of feces through intestines

You are assisting a resident with elimination. You ned ot do the following except -

A resident complains of diarrhea. The person needs assistance with ambulation. When the person's signal light is on, you need to

A person has fecal incontinence. The following measures are part of the care plan. Which should you questions?

A patient complains of flatulence. The person has the following food choices. Which does NOT cause flatulence?

You do not administer an enema that contains

After giving an oil-retention enema, the person is left in the

These statements are about colostomies. Which is incorrect?

Which vitamin is needed for blood clotting?

OBRA requires the following for foods served in long-term care centers EXCEPT

Food must be served

A person is on a high-calorie diet. Which is CORRECT? - There are dietary increases in all foods

A person's 24-hr fluid intake was 1500 mL. You know this amount

Defrosting frozen food on the counter at room temp. prevents the growth of pathogens

Giving nutrients through a catheter inserted into a vein is

After a tube feeding, the person is positioned in semi-fowler's position for

All states and agencies allow nursing assistants to change peripheral IV dressings -

The period of heart muscle contraction is

A resident is 55 years old. The person needs rehabilitation after hip replacement surgery. You take the person's tympanic membrane temperature. Which measure is correct?

You are taking an oral temperature with a glass thermometer. How long do you have to leave the thermometer in place?

You are taking an axillary temperature with a glass thermometer. How long do you have to leave it in place?

To rinse a glass thermometer, you need to use

A person is receiving oxygen. When measuring temperature, you CANNOT use the

A person in unconscious. When measuring temperature, you CANNOT use the -

A person has a convulsive disorder. When measuring temperature, you CANNOT use the

To take a rectal temperature, the person needs to be

For an adult, which pulse rate is reported to the nurse at once? -

Your agency uses electronic BP equipment. Why do you still need to feel pulses? -

How many staff members are needed to take an apical-radial pulse? -

Which systolic pressure should you report at once? -

You cannot hear a person's BP, if after taking it again. What should you do?

Why is pain usually worse at night?

These statements are about pain. Which is INCORRECT?

The nurse assesses that a resident has pain. The following measures are on the person's care plan. Which should you question?

A resident has pain. The person is taught how to breath deeply and slowly and how to contract and relax muscle groups. What is this called?

You are admitting a new patient. To find out the person's name

You are admitting a new resident. You should do the following EXCEPT

Melena is

The nurse asks you to collect a random urine specimen. Which is CORRECT

The nurse asks you to collect a 24-hr urine specimen. Which is CORRECT

When collecting a sputum specimen, the person coughs up sputum from the -

Oral care before collecting a sputum specimen involves

A person fell and fractured his right hip. He is scheduled for surgery in the morning to repair the fracture. This is

You will help prepare the person for surgery. Your role involves

You assist with pre-operative personal care. Which is CORRECT?

A surgical consent is signed

A person wears elastic stockings. Which is INCORRECT?

A pressure ulcer is called the following EXCEPT

A wound has separated. Abdominal organs are protruding through the wound. This is

Phlebitis is

Any injury caused by unrelieved pressure is

An open wound made by a sharp object is

Which statement about skin tears is INCORRECT?

Persons at risk for pressure ulcers are repositioned every

An open wound on the foot caused by complications from diabetes is

Bleeding stops and a scab forms during the

Which is NOT a purpose of wound dressings?

Which is not a purpose of wound dressings?

Binders are applied to the following areas EXCEPT

Binders do the following EXCEPT

When heat is applied, the skin is -

Which is a dry-heat application -

The nurse delegates a hot compress to you. To maintain temperature, the nurse might ask you to -

During a sitz bath, you need to carefully observe the person for -

You are going to apply an aquathermia pad. Which statement is INCORRECT? -

An aquathermia pad is not placed under a body part because

The following devices are filled with crushed ice EXCEPT

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