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Question 1
A nurse is preparing for the admission of a child with a diagnosis of acute-stage Kawasaki disease. On assessment of the child, the nurse expects to note which clinical manifestation of the acute stage of the disease?
Conjunctival hyperemia

Question 2
Which signs and symptoms would lead a nurse to suspect a child has tetralogy of Fallot? Select all that apply.
History of squatting Cyanosis Tachypnea

Question 3
A nurse is caring for an infant with congenital heart disease is monitoring the infant closely for signs of congestive heart failure (CHF). The nurse assess the infant for which early sign of CHF? Tachycardia

Question 4
A child with Kawasaki disease is receiving low-dose aspirin. The mother calls the clinic and states that the child has been exposed to influenza. Which recommendation should the nurse make? Select all that apply.
Stop the aspirin Watch for fever.

Question 5
Discharge teaching for a 3-month old with a cardiac defect who is to receive digoxin should include which information? Select all that apply.
Give medications at regular intervals.
Notify the healthcare provider of poor feeding or vomiting.
Notify the healthcare provider if more than two consecutive doses are missed.

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