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ATI Nursing Care of Children 2019 Exam - Study Guide

VATI Nursing Care of Children 2019

1. A nurse is teaching an adolescent how to use a peak expiratory flow meter.
o I will record the highest reading of the three attempts
2. A nurse in a pediatric clinic is providing teaching to the parent of an infant who has gastroesophageal reflux.
o I will add rice cereal to my baby’s feeding
3. A nurse is planning care for a client who has cerebral palsy and is experiencing muscle spasms.
o Baclofen
4. A nurse is planning care for an infant who has RSV and a respiratory rate of 46/min
o Initiate contact precautions
5. A nurse is creating a of care for a school-age child who is postoperative following a tonsillectomy.
o Apply an ice collar to the child’s neck
6. A nurse is providing discharge teaching to a group of guardians of infants about home safety
o Keep your infant restrained when they are in a highchair.
7. A nurse is teaching the parents of an infant how to administer antibiotic eardrops
o Massage the anterior area of the ear following administration

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  • Course: Nursing
  • Subject: Nursing Care of Children
  • Subject code: PEDS NURSING PE
  • Date of exam: Winter
  • Year of study: 2019
  • Document
  • Section: Examinations
  • Made on: 13-06-2022
  • Type: .pdf
  • Pages: 4
  • Language: English



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