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1. A nurse is caring for a client following a bone marrow
biopsy. What information should the nurse include in the discharge education?
-Keep dressing clean and dry to prevent infection
-Watch for bleeding and if notice excessive bleeding report to provider
-Remind pt avoid aspirin or medications that would prevent clotting

2. A nurse is providing client education regarding modes of hepatitis transmission.
What are the routes of transmission and risk factors for Hepatitis A, B, C, D and E?
-Hep A transmission by fecal-oral. Risk=consumption of contaminated food/water (esp. shellfish) and close contact with an infected person
-Hep B transmission by blood. Risk=unprotected sex, babies born from infected mothers, contact with infected blood, substance abuse (injected)
-Hep C transmission by blood. Risk=substance abuse (injected), blood/blood products, transplants, needle sticks.
-Hep D transmission by coinfection with HBV. Risk=substance abuse (injected), unprotected sex
-Hep E transmission by fecal-oral. Risk=Consumption of contaminated food/water that has fecal waste in it.

3. What are three (3) risk factors for testicular cancer? List three
(3) subjective and objective findings in the client with testicular cancer?
-Risk Factors-Male gender age 20-35 years old, HIV, undescended testis.
-Subjective findings-swelling/lump in testis, indication of

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