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NR 603 Week 6 Part 2 Mental Health Disorders

NR 603 Week 6 Part 2 Mental Health Disorders
Dr. Deering,
Major depressive disorder (MDD) is considered one of the top reasons for disability in the United States (WHO, 2018). Depression affects 350 million people worldwide. It is more prevalent in women than men. This disorder can go undetected for many years, often leading to increased morbidity from other physical illnesses, substance abuse, and increased suicidal ideations. As healthcare providers, it is important to conduct a complete history and physical, and use appropriate screening tools, such as PHQ-9, to diagnose depression. While many concerning histories should be referred to a mental health specialist, healthcare providers can certainly initiate treatment to help alleviate their symptoms. Keeping an open line of communication with patients who suffer from depression will positively impact their lives and reduce the social stigma associated with MDD. The following information is the full five-point treatment plan and analysis for D.W’s plan of care.
Primary Diagnosis: Major Depressive Disorder, first episode

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