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Sterile Processing Qbank for Certification Exam Updated 2022.

Sterile Processing Study Material for Certification Exam 2022.

What is the Area Temp & Humidity for Decontamination? - 60 deg to 65 deg F, 30% to 60% Humidity

What is the air exchange rate & pressure type for Decontamination? - 10 air exchanges per hour under Negative Pressure

What is the Area Temp & Humidity for the Sterile Storage Area? - 68 deg to 75 deg F, 35% to 70% Humidity

What is the Area Temp & Humidity for the Prep & Packaging Area? - 68 deg to 73 deg F, Ideal Humidity 50% - not lower than 35%

The main role of sterile processing is to: - Provide dependable reliable services to enhance the quality of patient care.

Ethics is the practice of: - Doing the right thing.

Which of the following establishes sterilization practice standards based on opinion, research, and/or theory: - AAMI

EPA, FDA, OSHA and state departments of health (DOH) primarily issue: - Regulations.

Standards for CS/SPD practice are written by: - AAMI

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act provides for which ethical issue? - Confidentiality

If healthcare facilities reprocess single-use devices, the devices must be cleared by: - FDA

OSHA has a great effect on CS/SPD by its regulation of occupational exposure to airborne contaminants, exposure from bloodborne pathogens, and which of the following: - Communication of workplace hazards

The Medical Device Reporting regulation requires: - Healthcare facilities to report deaths or serious injuries from medical devices.

Collection of data and identification of issues are part of what kind of program? - Quality Assurance


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