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1) A client and her partner ask the nurse for information about permanent contraception. Which of the following statements should the nurse include in the counseling?
a. Most sterilization procedures are considered irreversible
b. A woman should use contraception for 1-2 months after a tubal ligation
c. A man is usually sterile immediately after a vasectomy
d. The menstrual cycle is shorter after a tubal ligation
2) A nurse is planning care for a newborn who has neonatal abstinence syndrome. Which of the following interventions should the nurse include in the plan of care?
a. Swaddle the newborn in a flexed position
b. Weigh the newborn every other day
c. Increase the newborn’s visual stimulation
d. Discourage parental interaction until after a social service evaluation
3) A nurse is providing teaching about increasing dietary fiber to an antepartum client who reports constipation. Which of the following food selections has the highest fiber content per cup?
a. Lentils
b. Oatmeal
c. Cabbage
d. Asparagus
4) A nurse is teaching a client who is pregnant about a new prescription for iron supplements. Which of the following instructions should the nurse include in the teaching?
a. Increase intake of foods rich in vitamin C
b. Take an extra pill if you miss a dose
c. Report black stools to the provider
d. Drink 8 ox of milk with each pill
5) A nurse is caring for a preterm newborn immediately after delivery. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first?
a. Dry the infant under the radiant warmer
b. Take the infant’s temperature
c. Weigh the infant
d. Obtain the infant’s blood glucose

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