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1. Which of the following are components of a prenatal history?

A. Family history, fetal care, and the mother's diet
B. Maternal sequelae, family history, and fetal care history
C. Maternal sequelae, fetal care history, and type of insurance
D. Maternal sequelae, family history, and the mode of transportation to the hospital

A prenatal history is imperative to the comprehensive care of each newborn and should cover the maternal sequelae, family history, and fetal care history. Maternal history consists of information concerning past pregnancies, including complications, and specifics of labor and maternal illness, including infections and the use of alcohol or drugs. It should also elicit information regarding the current pregnancy, such as the quality and quantity of prenatal care, current laboratory values (including blood type and Rh factor and the results of standard group B streptococcus screening), and the presence of any significant risk factors to the fetus. Obtaining a family history involves inquiring regarding past illnesses, genetic issues, and physiological problems of parents and siblings. The neonatal history encompasses factors such as vital signs, Apgar scores, required stabilization interventions, and the newborn's general appearance and reaction to the environment.

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