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• BUN: 10-20
• Creatine: 0.6-1.2
• Serum Glucose:

Respiratory Rates:
NB-1 YR = 30-35/min 1-2 YR = 25-30/min
2-6 YR = 21-25/min
6-12 YR = 19-21/min
12 YR + = 16-19/min

Newborn 80 –180/min
1 wk – 3 mon 80 – 220/min
3 mon – 2 yrs 70 – 150/min
2 – 10 yrs 60 – 110/min
10 yrs and older 50 – 90/m

• Phenylalanine: 0.5 to 1 mg/dL.
• Phenylketone:
• 2 year old development, what would you report to the provider?
o 30 words?
• Celiac disease menu
o oj and eggs? or meats? NO Graham crackers and peanut butter is ok?
• Patient has 10% burn on body, finding report to provider.
o Urine output 35ml/hr

• Cystic fibrosis, creatine or BUN monitor? Increase or decrease. Bun 6. BUN 12. Creatine 1.4. creatine 0.3. (note: creatinine and bun determine kidney function)
o Daily Serum Creatinine Monitoring Promotes Earlier Detection of Acute Kidney Injury in Children and Adolescents with Cystic Fibrosis

• A nurse is caring for a child who is in the ER after ingesting a bottle of acetaminophen which of the following meds should the nurse plan to give ?
o acetylcysteine-antedote for acetaminophen overdose or poisoning

• A nurse is teaching the parents of a child who has rheumatic fever. which of the following statements by a parent indicates an understanding of the teaching.
o my child may take aspirin for his joint pain-post cardiac cath, report to provider.

• Cool extremities below cath site.
o A: Weakened pedal pulses bilat.

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