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1.A nurse in a rural community center is providing education to a group of clients about first aid interventions for snake bites to prevent further injury. Which of the following instruction should the nurse include in the teaching?
a.Apply an ice pack directly to the affected area b. Immobilize the affected extremity with a splint
c.Place tourniquet above and below the affected area
d.Elevate the affected extremity
2.A nurse in an Emergency Department is caring for a client who sustained multiple injuries. The nurse observes client’s thorax moving inward during inspiration and outward during expiration. The nurse should suspect which of the following injuries?
a.Flail chest
c.Pulmonary contusion
3.A nurse is caring for a client who has rights sided pneumothorax. Following chest tube insertion, which of the following findings indicates that the chest drainage system is functioning correctly?
a.Gentle bubbling in the suction chamber
b.crepitus around the insertion site
c.constant bubbling in the water seal chamber
d.absence of breath sounds on the right side

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