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1. Latex Allergy
2. Cancer treatment options: safety precautions for a client who has a sealed radiation implant
1. Wear a Lead apron to protect yourself from radiation
b. Cancer treatment options: teaching about brachytherapy treatment for cervical cancer
c. Infection control: precautions for a client who has positive culture for an infection
d. Verapamil drug
e. Mannitol drugs
f. Intervention for a transfusion reaction
g. Antibiotics affecting protein synthesis: adverse effects of aminoglycosides -anti infectives
1. This drug can be kidney toxic, so check kidney levels
b. Blood product transfusion steps to administering
c. Pain management considerations for older adults GI therapeutic procedures: glucose monitoring for a client receiving TPN
d. Complications of DM: DKA
e. Postoperative nursing care for zenker's diverticulum
f. Respiratory management and mechanical ventilation: recognizing potential complications
g. TB: discharge instructions
h. Inflammatory bowel disease: managing irritable bowel syndrome
i. Complications of DM: treatment plan for DKA
j. Emergency nursing principles and management: priority during an anaphylaxis reactions
k. Peptic ulcer disease: priority action for shock
l. Spinal cord injury: manifestations of autonomic dysreflexia
m. Renal calculi: identifying nephrostomy tube complications
n. Musculoskeletal trauma: monitoring lab values
o. COPD: interpreting ABG results
p. BPH, Erectile dysfunction: interventions for an indwelling catheter
q. Respiratory diagnosis procedure: Planning client care for a thoracentesis
r. Peptic ulcer disease: identify manifestations of pernicious anemia
s. Cancer: Caring for a pt who is post-op following a mastectomy
t. Musculoskeletal trauma: manifestations of compartmentalized syndrome
u. Alzheimer's disease: teaching a family about caring for pt with alzheimer's disease
v. Identifying risk factors for atherosclerosis
w. Nursing Process: identifying need to revise a plan of care
x. Heparin medications affecting coagulation: planning care for a patient receiving heparin
y. Alteplase: stroke: administration of tissue plasminogen activator
z. Asthma

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Subjects of RN ADULT M EDICAL SURGICAL - Chamberlain College Of Nursing


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