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1. Costovertebral angle tenderness should be assessed whenever you suspect the patient may have: - Polynephritis

2. In older adults, overflow fecal incontinence is commonly due to: -Fecal impaction

3. A 1 month old boy has been vomiting for 2 weeks. How is this symptom of GERD and pyloric stenosis further differentiated in this child’s assessment? – The infant has regurgitation with pyloric stenosis

4. Auscultation of borborygmi is associated with: - Gastroenteritis, early intestinal obstruction, or hunger

5. When auscultating the abdomen, which finding would indicate collateral circulation between the portal and systemic venous systems? – Venous hum

6. Conversion of fat-soluble wastes to water-soluble material for renal excretion is a function of the: - Liver

7. The major function of the large intestine is: -Water absorption

8. Which structure is located in the hypogastric region of the abdomen? –Ileum, bladder, and pregnant uterus

9. A 45 year old man relates a several week history of severe intermittent abdominal burning sensations. He relates that the pain is relieved with small amounts of food. Before starting the physical examination, you review his laboratory work, anticipating a (n): -Positive Helicobacter pylori result

10. You are caring for a patient with trigeminal neuralgia. During the assessment, the patient would describe the pain as: - Burning or shocklike

11. Your 85 year old patient is complaining of right knee pain. She has a history of osteoarthritis for which she is given anti-inflammatory medication. To assess her right knee pain, you should ask her if: - The pain gets better when she sits

12. A 5 year old is complaining of nondescriptive “belly pain.” Your next action should be to ask him to: - Point to the area of pain

13. The perception of pain: - Is variable and is affected by emotions, and cultural background

14. Patients presenting with ascites, jaundice, cutaneous spider veins, and nonpalpable liver exhibit signs of: - Cirrhosis

15. A patient presents to the emergency department after a motor vehicle accident. The patient sustained blunt trauma to the abdomen and complains of pain in the upper left quadrant that radiates to the left shoulder. What organ is most likely injured? – Spleen

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