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NURS 6630 Midterm Exam

NURS 6630 Midterm Exam
Question1 1
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When an unstable patient asks why it is necessary to add medications to his current regimen, the PMHNP’s best response would be:

Selected C.


“Many psychiatric illnesses involve several dys-functioning neurotransmitter systems in the brain. Often, a single medication may only effect one or two of the dys-functioning systems. The addition of another medication can work with the current medication in stabilizing multiple neurotransmitter systems and help to alleviate your symptoms.”

• Question 2

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The PMHNP is meeting with a new mother who would like to begin taking medication again to treat her bipolar depression; she is breastfeeding her 2-month old daughter. The PMHNP recognizes that which of the following medications is contraindicated for this patient?

Selected Answer:

Lithium (Lithobid)

• Question 3

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Mr. Gordon is a middle-aged client who was started on antidepressant monotherapy for depression. After beginning this medication, the PMHNP noticed that this client seemed to swing into a hypomanic episode. What can the PMHNP infer from this behavior change?

Selected Answer:

This client may have Bipolar III disorder

• Question 4

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