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TEAS Test B Science Section Question & Answers latest Update 2022

TEAS Test B Science Section

Which of the following processes explains why an individual that has suffered a broken bone and is immobilized for an extended period of time experiences bone mass loss? - ✔ Demineralization

Which of the following food sources provides the majority of the urea that is filtered from the blood via the kidneys? - ✔ Meat and some plant products, such as legumes

Which of the following contains the testes? - ✔ Scrotum

Which of the following molecules, if present in the urine, indicates a problem with kidney function? - ✔ Albumin

A first-degree burn involves which of the following layers of skins? - ✔ Epidermis only

Which of the following glands is exclusively found in males? - ✔ Cowper's

A researcher decides to repeat an experiment and reassess results first established in the 1930s about why plants grow toward the light. Which of the following is the best reason for conduction this experiment? - ✔ Equipment and methods developed since the 1930s may produce better data and provide mechanistic detail.

Which of the following enzymes breaks down computer carbohydrates? - ✔ Amylase

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