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1.A nurse is assessing a client who is 12hr postoperative following a colon resection. Which of the following findings should the nurse report to the surgeon?
1. Heart rate 90/min
2. Absent bowel sounds → normal findings after major bowel surgery; takes several days to return to normal.
3. Hgb 8.2 g/dl
4. Gastric pH of 3.0
Rationale: Normal Hgb is 13-18M g/dl, 12-16 g/dl. This may indicate a possible hemorrhaging.

2. A nurse is caring for a client who has diabetes insipidus. Which of the following medications should the nurse plan to administer?
a. Desmopressin
b. Regular insulin
c. Furosemide
d. Lithium carbonate
Rationale: Diabetes Insipidus has decreased ADH. Administer Desmopressin/Vasopressin increase ADH and keeps pt. on urinating

3. A nurse is admitting a client who has arthritic pain and reports taking ibuprofen several times daily for 3 years. Which of the following test should the nurse monitor?
a. Fasting blood glucose
b. Stool for occult blood
c. Urine for white blood cells
d. Serum calcium
Rationale:ATI Pharm 16. Pg. 485 Ibuprofen (NSAIDs) monitor for GI bleed (bloody, tarry stools, abd pain).

4. A nurse in the emergency department is assessing a client. Which of the following actions should the nurse take first (Click on the “Exhibit” button for additional information about the client. There are three tabs that contain separate categories of data.)
a. Obtain a sputum sample for culture
b. Prepare the client for a chest x-ray
c. Initiate airborne precautions
d. Administer ondansertron.
Rationale: No idea what the Exhibit is all about; wont be able to answer it.

5. A nurse is contacting the provider for a client who has cancer and is experiencing breakthrough pain. Which of the following prescriptions should the nurse anticipate?
a. Transmucosal fentanyl
b. Intramuscular meperidine
c. Oral acetaminophen
d. Intravenous dexamethasone

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